Market Prices 3/17 – Green Energy

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Ok, it’s Wednesday, and that means we’re going to take a look at the prices on the different environmentally friendly electric rates and plans. And this works out perfectly, because by complete luck and coincidence, St. Patrick’s Day is today, so it’s the perfect day to check out all things green, including Green Energy.

Month to Month Plans:

  • Dynowatt – 8.3
  • Southwest Power & Light – 9.8
  • Kinetic – 9.9
  • I’ll pause right here and point out that Dynowatt is basically just killing everyone else here. So much to the point that I’m not sure this wasn’t a typo on their part. The next closest is a cent and a half higher, and that’s listed as a Promotional Rate, which means it’ll likely jump up a few months after people sign up. I’m not sure if Dynowatt’s is a Promotional rate as well, but it stands to reason that it is one. As always, check the fine print.

    3 Months Fixed

  • Gexa – 9.0
  • Southwest Power & Light – 9.7
  • YEP – 9.8
  • Another note: Southwest Power & Light’s 3 month fixed is the same as their variable rate? That seems odd, but not out of the realm of possibility. Read your fine print.

    6 Months Fixed

  • Southwest Power & Light – 10.2
  • YEP – 10.3
  • Gexa – 10.4
  • 12 Months Fixed

  • Kinetic – 10.2
  • YEP – 10.3
  • Dynowatt – 10.3
  • Basically, it looks like lots of the same companies are making an effort to get some really low prices for green electricity into the Texas marketplace. Like all electricity prices, this is a good time to get cheap power, green or otherwise.

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