TER Updates Rankings: Champion Energy is the new #1

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With Labor Day weekend signaling the end of the summer, Texas Electricity Ratings has updated their provider rankings to take a fresh look at the different electricity companies in the Texas electricity marketplace. And with the new rankings, comes a new top provider, and that is Champion Energy.

The big winner of the new updated rankings is Champion Energy. Champion has long been a great company in operating in Texas, and they recently finished at the top of the JD Power & Associates ranking of different electricity providers operating in Texas. This bump gave them enough to jump to the top of the list after previously having been in the number two position. Champion is one of the top 20 retail electricity providers in the country and services the equivalent of more than 450,000 residential customers.

The TER Rankings are based on a number of different factors, including PUC statistics, Better Business Bureau rankings, Green Energy Plans, Customer Reviews, JD Power Rankings, Electricity Rates, Promotions, Call Center Satisfaction, and more. The rankings are designed to give a complete picture of the different electricity providers operating in the Texas electricity space. There’s more to any electricity provider than just low prices or marketplace longevity. And this perspective, along with customer review process and the ability for consumers to participate in the market themselves, is how Texas Electricity Ratings sets themselves apart as a unique place in deregulated electricity for getting a complete picture of the available electricity providers doing business in Texas.

A full listing of the top 10 can be found on the homepage, www.TexasElectricityRatings.com

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