A Comparison of Regulated and De-Regulated Rates.

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There has always been a lot of controversy over whether or not the Texas deregulation of the electricity market was a good idea, or a bad idea. Chief amongst the biggest complaints, and often used as evidence against deregulation, is how the prices in the Texas marketplace rose after deregulation in the first part of the century. But by comparison, Texas deregulated areas actually do really well compared to the other major metropolitan areas of the US. I’ve written and researched a breakdown of how Texas compares in regards to price, incentives, and green energy availability with the other big US cities. In short, Texas stacks up really well. The article can be found here.

2 thoughts on “A Comparison of Regulated and De-Regulated Rates.

  1. Matt – Stephen Morisseau from Reliant again.

    Retail prices in Texas are deregulated in the sense that they are set by the market, not by the regulator. The market itself is competitive, not deregulated. There are lots of regulations which ensure that the market runs well and consumers are protected.

  2. Stephen-

    You’re correct, that the prices are set by the market – in this case, the REPs. ERCOT and the PUC don’t set the rates, they simply set a baseline to buy the electricity. I’m aware that there are lots of regulations to protect consumers. That being said, it’s still commonly referred to as a deregulated electricity market.

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