Smart Thermostats About To Be Readily Available

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Good news for people looking to save money on their Texas electricity bills. A few weeks back, I posted a blog entry talking about my experience with my smart meter while moving into a new home. One person in the comments section, David, immediately pointed out a two-day delay in data and being dissatisfied with the difficulty he had in finding Smart Thermostats to take advantage of Smart Meter Technology.

Well, good news for David, as it was recently announced that Lowes would begin carrying the Nest iThermostat. I’ve also discussed the Nest learning thermostat in the past. It’s basically the King of all iThermostats, having been designed by former Apple employees.

And now it will be available at over 500 Lowes locations nationwide. That’s great news. The cost is somewhat prohibitive at $250, but the thermostat is accessable anywhere over laptop or smartphone and other devices, and it adjusts to your behavior and suggests ways to save money. Think of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, except focused on your home’s energy consumption and hopefully without a homicidal bend.

This should be a big step in actually leveraging the smart meter technology that we’ve all been paying to years to have implemented in the Texas electricity grid. I know I plan on buying one at some point in the future.

3 thoughts on “Smart Thermostats About To Be Readily Available

  1. Did they indicate they nest would integrate with the smart meter? Some reviews have stated it has a zigbee radio so theoretically it could obtain a real time meter reading for display. That is the kind of metering I was hoping for.

    Since I commented before I found out that Home depot sells the 3m filtrete 3m-50 which is a re-branded wifi enabled thermostat for $99.

    They do not integrate directly with the Smart Meter zigbee interface but I have been getting emails offering me a program that offers a gift card in exchange for letting the power grid turn off my AC during the day using the wifi on these 3m50s.

    1. David,

      Yes, the Nest can integrate with the smart meter. For sure. Surprisingly, it’s not mentioned much on their website, but I read this snippet when I was reading about Nest last year:

      The Nest thermostat also has Zigbee and Wi-Fi chips, so that it can connect with both your home broadband connection, and also other Zigbee devices like a smart meter, or smart appliances. Fadell says that thermostats are installed only every decade or so, so when the smart grid is fully deployed he wants the Nest thermostat to be ready.

      Here’s the original article:

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