Are Voluntary Mitigation Plans a License To Steal?

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There’s been lots of controversy over the PUC’s acceptance and adoption of NRG’s Voluntary Mitigation Plans (VMP). And it is all justified. The Houston Chronicle’s chief Business and Energy columnist, Loren Steffy, wrote an article on recently blasting this move as against the interest of consumers and where one energy expert he quoted called the Read More

Texas Electricity Manipulation Questions Possibly Reveal Larger Concerns

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After writing a post asking some questions about whether or not it was possible if the Texas electricity market was being manipulated on 06/26/12, I have since received a fair amount of attention. On top of the previously linked articles, my post was also mentioned at the bottom of another Houston Chronicle piece discussing the Read More

Texas Independent Market Monitor Response To Market Irregularities June 26th, 2012

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Since I released my article questioning strange behavior in the ERCOT electricity market on June 29th I’ve been receiving a lot of attention. I had a very long follow-up call with the Independent Market Monitor (IMM), Dan Jones, and some of his associates. Additionally I was contacted by a reporter at Platts who wanted my Read More

Texas Electricity News & Notes – 7/10/2012

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There’s been a couple bigger articles written recently that I plan on tackling in the next few days, but in the meantime I wanted to throw out a handful of articles I saw and wanted to mention, but on their own probably didn’t warrant their own posts. So here’s what’s going on in the Texas Read More