Texas Electricity Ratings: Rankings Update: 6/17/2013

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Now that Summer is in full swing, with higher electricity rates hitting the market and several months of new customer reviews in the system, it is once again time to update the Texas Electricity Ratings company rankings and see how providers stack up.

Unsurprisingly many established providers lost points this time around with the higher market electricity rates, although that was somewhat offset by other ranking factors. That being said, there’s no arguing how higher electricity prices are altering the Texas electricity landscape. Without further ado, here are the rankings:

Bounce Energy                 4.01
Champion Energy             3.89
TriEagle Energy                3.75
StarTex Power                  3.71
Gexa Energy                     3.68
Amigo Energy                   3.15
Direct Energy                    2.98
TXU Energy                       2.84
Green Mountain Energy     2.75
Reliant Energy                   2.47

Congratulations to Bounce Energy, who once again held onto the top spot. Bounce is followed up by Champion Energy, another mainstay at the top of the ratings. Newcomers TriEagle Energy, StarTex Power, and Gexa Energy round out the top five.

When comparing these latest ratings to the ones from last summer, it is really apparent when just how much the market cap has really altered the way electricity companies are assessing risk in their portfolios as well as how the generators are bidding out electricity. In short, it’s really amazing just how much higher rates are across the board for customers, regardless of which provider they choose.


5 thoughts on “Texas Electricity Ratings: Rankings Update: 6/17/2013

  1. Thank you for the article. It is important to know which energy company to choose and your Ranking system is very helpful. I am curious, how you determine the ranking scores?

  2. fyi : DPI energy was purchased by TRUSMART ENERGY.
    You may wish to update your database.

    Only the “Trusmart Energy” company sells electricity in Texas.
    Supposedly, DPI no longer exists.

  3. i am surprised that Bounce is still on top based on my recent experience(s) which i explained to the lady that (highly) recommended them to me a couple of years ago.
    if they are “the best” i shudder to think what other “silly little games” the rest of the rep’s play; TXU is the worst and Reliant isnt a whole lot better…

    (luck to everybody trying to make sense out this little shell game!)

  4. Reliant cares more about money than they do good customer service. The vp probably left because reliant is crooked!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do Not Get Electricity with this company!!!!!!!!!!!There are too many other options. You dont have to settle!!!!!They will shut your power off while they have you on hold waiting on a rep to take your payment!!!!! Run….”They throw rocks and hide there tail”

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