ERCOT Having a HOT ONE Today!

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In just over one hour, ERCOT shows demand grew by 4,454 MW!
Texas electricity demand is on the rise!
In just over one hour, ERCOT shows demand grew by 4,454 MW!

How big will demand for Texas electricity go?

High temperatures are expected throughout the north central region of Texas today. Dallas electricity customers will still see over 100°F with Austin and San Antonio likely to hit their hottest day of the summer thus far. Demand is forecast to get to 74,647 MW today and on hot days like this, ERCOT is figuring that it takes 100 MW to power 100 homes.

Fortunately, cooler weather is on the way tomorrow.

At 12:21, system wide conditions showed a demand of 65334 MW with reserve of 4,074, some of which was wind power.

With the exception of the far west, midday wholesale electricity prices for Dallas, Houston, and the bulk of the state were in the mid $30 range. With reserves very tight today, prices could easily surge past $150 per MW.

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