Rate of the Week: Best Houston Green Electricity Plan

by | Mar 19, 2017 | Consumer Advocacy, Electricity Rate Updates, Houston Green Electricity Rates, Texas Electricity

Houston Green Energy

Best Green Energy Rate in Houston

In this Texas electricity provider comparison, we will track down and highlight the best greater municipalities Houston Green Energy Rates available. We narrowed down our search after reviewing numerous providers’ price disclosures (EFL). We then chose as the best environmentally friendly plan, the Green Energy 12 month contract from the utility provider Champion. This plan offers an average price per kilowatt-hour of 9.5¢ at the 2,000 kWh usage rate. What is versatile about this plan is that the rate does not go drastically up as usage plans go down. Lower usages were at an average price of 9.7¢ per kWh for a 1000 kWh plan, and 10.3¢ for 500 kWh’s. The plans renewable power content (Wind, solar, and hydroelectric dams) is at a 100%. For the consumer who‘s not only out for the cheapest electric company price around, but is also looking to significantly reduce their carbon footprint – this plan is a natural fit.

Other green plans that we looked into from several different competing companies, were a penny or so cheaper, but charged excessive early termination fees; such as $20.00 dollars for every month that is left on the consumer’s contract. Whereas, the Green Energy 12 plan charges a standard early termination fee of $150.00; this fee can be waived, though, by providing adequate proof that a valid move happened. IE: Moving out of state, etc. This was one of the most liberal early termination policies that we could find, outside of a month-to-month contract.

The other month-to-month plans that we could find were all over 10¢ per kWh at a 2,000 kWh usage level. A 1,000 kWh plan was also still high at around 9.9¢ per kilowatt-hour, and 500 kWh’s at 10.9¢ for the cheapest, no contract plan we could find. They also tended to put extra requirements on their contracts, like Tree-free billing and Auto-pay only. This made a 12-month green plan with Champion a better economical choice in the long run, especially with their liberal early termination policy.

What also impressed us about the Champion utility company was that it had a very high consumer review rating at 4.3 out of five stars. It excelled across the board in every category including price, plans, and promotions, customer service, and had a very high 4.7 overall satisfaction rating. Though just over a decade in business the company is one of the largest electric providers in the country. It serves many deregulated markets across the entire nation. Champion professes to adhere to straightforward pricing practices and to maintain a high customer service standard. This claim seemed to be substantiated by the high industry ratings and positive consumer reviews that we found.

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