5 Ways for An Energy Efficient Move in Houston

by | May 14, 2021 | Industry News

One the best ways to keep your moving costs low is to use less energy.  Check out these energy efficient move tips to help make your Houston move easier and less expensive!

One the best ways to keep your moving costs low is to use less energy. Check out these tips to help you be more energy efficient during your move.

How Can You Have An Energy Efficient Move In Houston?

Swapping residences is a stressful life event. With so many tasks to complete, you can run yourself ragged trying to do them all. And even if you hire movers who say they’ll do everything for you, there is still a good amount of physical labor involved packing boxes and transporting valuables you won’t trust to anyone else’s hands. Making an energy efficient move may be the last thing on your mind, but it is worth considering because the tips below also save you money. 

Recycle Old Appliances

When you’re moving, the hardest items to bring with you are appliances. Many people use the move as an opportunity to upgrade their refrigerators, stoves, freezers, washers, and dryers. But what about your old ones? Recycling appliances is easy to do. It just takes one phone call. Houston Free Appliance Removal will come pick up and haul away your appliances for free. CenterPoint Energy partners with ARCA Recycling to give you $50 for an old refrigerator or freeze and $25 for a window A/C unit. For your new ones, opt for energy efficient appliances


Skip The Packing Peanuts

Forget going to a moving supply store for packing peanuts. After all, they’re hard to recycle. Their static charge makes them stick to everything. They get everywhere, and they take up way too much room in your trash bin. Face it,  you don’t need them! Towels, old newspapers, and cut-up cardboard can protect your fragile belongings. Plus, who wants to clean up packing peanuts after a move? 

Use Recycled Moving Boxes

Like packing peanuts, you also don’t need to purchase moving boxes. Find out when your local grocery store restocks shelves, and pick up all the boxes you want. The only moving supplies you need to buy are packing tape and a permanent marker. And you can get those at the grocery store when you gather moving boxes! Don’t waste your money on anything else. 

Shut Off The A/C When Your Doors Are Open

Propping open doors makes carrying boxes easier. However, this can make your air conditioning system run non-stop. You’re going to be hot and sweaty anyway. Just wait to turn on the A/C until the boxes are in the house. Use ceiling fans to circulate the air and supply some comfort.

Lastly — Get A Short-Term Houston Electricity Plan

Moving during the summer has one huge problem. That’s because Houston electricity prices are at their highest for the year. Obviously you don’t want to lock in a long term fixed rate electricity plan when prices are high. Instead, shop short-term electricity plans. That way, you only pay summer prices for a few months. Then, you shop  https://www.texaselectricityratings.com to lock in a longer contract when prices tend to dip in the fall.

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