Around the Texas Electricity Blogosphere: 7/13/011

by | Jul 13, 2011 | ONCOR, PUC/ERCOT, Texas Electricity News

I just wanted to drop a few tidbits of Texas electricity market that didn’t deserve their own blog post. So instead, I’m just going to group the tidbits below.

PUC Chairman Resigns – Barry Smitherman, who has been a commissioner of the PUC since 2004 and the Chairmen of the PUC since 2007, resigned his position last week. He has instead been appointed to a position on the Texas Railroad Commission. The PUC is the regulatory agency for the deregulated Texas electricity market. No word (That I’ve heard) about who will be replacing his spot, both as a Chairmen as well as a new commissioner.

TNMP Begins Smart Meter Deployment – The Texas-New Mexico Power company, which is a TDSP company that maintains the electricity infrastructure for many pockets of electricity service in Texas, is beginning to deploy smart meters in their territory. This is on the heels of Centerpoint and Oncor, the two biggest TDSPs in Texas, having successfully begun deploying massive amounts of smart meters in their footprints. Here are a list of the energy charges that might apply to each customer:

Residential: $3.40

Secondary Service Less than or Equal to 5 kW: $8.20

Secondary Service Greater than 5 kW: $13.63

Primary Service: $17.32

Lighting Service (Metered Facilities): $7.22

More information about the deployment can be found from the always informative Paul Ring at Energy Choice Matters, here.

Oncor Reports AMS Surcharge Unchanged – Staying on the topic of smart meters, Oncor announced that there would be no change to their AMS Surcharge, which is the fee that is associated with having a smart meter. So that’s good news.

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