Best 18 Month Dallas Electricity Plans

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Scared of paying too much for electricity? Shop now to save money on low rates before energy prices rise up and frighten you this winter!

Some of the sweetest-sound electricity rates in Dallas are actually something to “boo” about. Find out which long term plans are trick or treat!

Are Long-Term Fixed-Rate Plans Tricks or Treats?

No one likes being startled by frightening high electricity bills in Texas. That’s why now’s the perfect time to lock in low rates for the long-term. And while there are a lot of great year-long plans out there for Oncor customers, there are several 18-month plans with even cheaper rates. Here’s what you need to know about these longer-term, fixed-rate energy plans and the best 18-month electricity plans in Dallas.

Hauntingly Good Reasons to Switch to an 18-Month Fixed Rate Plan

Right now, we’re in the shoulder months for energy prices in Texas. As a result, the demand for electricity is low and so are the electricity rates. Choosing an 18-month, fixed-rate plan will help you lock in low rates now for the next year and a half. That means the next time you shop for cheap electricity rates it’ll in the shoulder months again. So, prices should be lower than they would be during the summer or winter.

With electricity rates as low as they are now, it’s a great idea to try and lock these cheap rates in for the long term. And 18-months of cheap electricity without worrying about the hassle of shopping for a new electricity provider can help put your mind at ease.

Avoid Spooky Early Termination Fees When Switching Energy Plans

Electricity rates change all the time but switching to a new energy provider in Texas isn’t always easy. Leaving your plan before the period ends means that you’ll need to pay an early termination fee. These fees can be expensive, washing away any new savings a cheaper energy plan would give you.

So, you’ll want to lock-in frighteningly cheap electricity rates for 18-months and only switch to a cheaper energy plan if the savings outweighs the early termination fee.

More Trick than Treat: The Problem with “Free” Electricity in Dallas

There’s a big problem with “free” electricity plans: they offset free periods with unusually high electricity rates. These rates can be up to 3x more than what you’d pay with a standard, long-term, fixed-rate electricity plan in Dallas. So, unless you use a lot more electricity during these “free periods”, you’ll end up paying a lot more for electricity than you should each month.

Treat Yourself to the Best 18-Month Fixed-Rate Plans in Dallas

Pulse Power’s Texas Fixed 18 offers an energy charge of 9.6 cents per kWh and a base charge of $4.95 per billing cycle. Once you add in the standard TDU charges, your average rate for 1000 kWh of electricity use comes to 10.1 cents per kWh. And the early termination fee is $20 per month remaining in the contract.

Texas Saver 18, also from Pulse Power, has a slightly higher energy charge at 10.58 cents per kWh but has no base charge. Once you use 1000 kWh in a billing cycle, you receive a $95 bill credit. With TDU charges added in, that comes to an average rate of 5.3 cents for 1000 kWh of use. The $125 early termination fee is lower than other plans as well.

Entrust 18 by Entrust Energy gives you a really low energy charge at 5 cents per kWh. With the TDU charges and the monthly $4.95 base charge, your rate comes to 9.8 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of use. And the plan has a $150 early termination fee.

Find Shockingly Low Electricity Rates in Dallas

You have the power to choose the best electricity plan for your Texas home. Locking in low rates for the long-term is the best way to save the most on your monthly energy bill. But there are a lot of different plans out there, and not all of them are right for your home. So, we sort through the tricky plans to find the real treats for you.

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