Best 6-month Power Plan in Houston

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In this review of the best 6-month Houston electricity plan, we will compare the top 3 cheapest priced electric provider’s and lists their plans average kilowatt-per-hour rate, along with other pertinent terms of service stated in their power agreements. The top three best electricity plans with the cheapest Houston Electricity Rates come from StarTex Power , Cirro Energy , and Frontier Utilities .

The Six Month Usage Bill Credit Electricity plan from StarTex Power

This power plan’s name is a mouthful, but when compared with the other two Texas electricity providers listed below it stands out as the best deal. The power agreement is a 6 month fixed rate plan that charges the lowest early termination fee at only $50 dollars. The average electricity rate per kilowatt-hour for this plan is 7.1¢ at the 2,000 kWh usage level, 6.3¢ at 1,000 kWh, and 10.4¢ at the lowest level of 500 kWh. There is also no monthly base charge with this plan.

Smart Lock 6 Online from Cirro Energy

This six-month plan offered by Cirro Energy comes in second place on price value. It offers a price of 7.7¢ per kilowatt-hour at the 2,000 kWh usage level. This plan has a $9.95 monthly base charge and a $75 termination fee. This termination fee can be waivered, though, by providing proof of a valid move. The downside of this plan is that there are a lot of expensive penalties for screwing up on this power agreement. Such as a returned payment charge of $30, a disconnect recovery charge of $25, a late payment penalty fee of 5% of the past due balance. “For those who don’t intend to screw up, no big deal – For those who might screw-up, maybe it’s not the plan for you!”

The Light Saver 6 from Frontier Utilities

Frontier’s six-month plan came in at last place, due to its high termination fee of $100, regardless if a valid move occurred or not. Another costly potential penalty of this plan is the $8.00 fee if the monthly usage drops below 2000 kilowatt-hours. For many, especially tenants in small one or two bedroom apartments, keeping up this high of a usage rate every month may become financially burdensome.

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