Who Has The Best Tiered Rate Electric In Houston?

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Industry News

Best tiered rate electric plans can be a bit of a gamble.But if you know your usage you can really save more!

It’s nice to bet on a sure thing. If you know your normal usage and can stick to it, then you can cash in on the best tiered rate electric plans in Houston!

What Is The Best Tiered Electric Rate in Houston?

Some people thrive on getting the best deal. If you’re one of those people, the best tiered rate electric plan in Houston can give you that fix. This is because tiered plans can be a bit of a gamble. When you know your normal electricity usage, you can play the odds to earn yourself huge power savings. 

The best tiered rate in Houston is 9.0 cents per kWh from the 4Change Energy Maxx Saver 12 plan. Customers pay a relatively high energy charge and expect to gain a $90 bill credit for usage above 1,000 kWh in a billing cycle. This electricity pricing structure makes it the plan best for moderate usage customers who consistently reach the 1,000 kWh threshold. But if you fail to reach that mark, brace for an unusually high electric bill. In that case, other tiered rate plans could better fit for your usage pattern. 

Free Energy Window For Low Usage Customers

Maybe you don’t consume 1,000 kWh regularly. If that’s the case, the 4Change Energy Free Energy 12 could be perfect for you. With an advertised rate of 10.0 cents per kWh, this plan is a great option for households that consume between 501 and 1,000 kWh each month or just a little bit more. Why this particular window? Energy you consume in this window is free. The per-kWh rate is high above and below, but the free power can make up for it. Additionally, the plan offers a small $25 bill credit when usage reaches 1,000 kWh in a billing cycle. It’s a complicated pricing structure, but some Texas electricity customers could find it advantageous. 

Free Energy

The Constellation 12 Month Flat Tier Product also has a free energy window (two, in fact!), but the pricing scheme is quite different. While the advertised rate is 11.0 cents per kWh, the plan actually offers a flat dollar amount in each usage tier. Usage between 1 and 500 kWh is $105 per month. Additional usage is free up to 1,000 kWh. After that, usage between 1,0001 and 1,500 kWh is an additional $105. Then, usage is free again up to 2,000 kWh. Finally, usage is 11.5 cents per kWh after that. This pricing structure makes the plan’s bills easy to predict, but the amount can swing wildly based on a tiny usage change. 

The Best Tiered Electricity In Houston

On the whole, the Free Energy 12 plan from 4Change Energy is the best tiered electricity in Houston. The plan has by far the lowest average bill at $126. Compared to $141 and $149 for the other plans, this plan is most likely to save you the most money over the 12-month contract period. But, of course, you need to find the right plan for your home and usage pattern. 

Each of the three tiered rate plans outlined here have one-year contracts. In both cases, when the contract is over, the provider will switch you automatically to a variable rate plan. But you don’t have to! You can select a new plan before your old one expires, and you can transition smoothly to it once your power contract ends. 

Hunt Texas Power Deals

If you’re a deal hunter and strategizer, the best tiered rate electric plans in Houston could be great for your residential power needs. Shop plans at https://www.texaselectricityratings.com to find the perfect one for you! 

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