Check out our coolest CES 2022 Best Energy Gadgets for your home!
CES 2022 was virtual but amazing and cool! Learn about our picks for the Best Energy Gadgets for your home in Houston!

Which CES 2022 Gadgets Save Energy? 

Billing itself as “The Most Influential Tech Event in the World,” CES 2022 saw the debut of many fascinating pieces of technology in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. Companies large and small used this platform to showcase their latest inventions. For people interested in smart home technology that saves on electricity, CES 2022 brought some interesting offerings. 

Best Home Energy Gadget 

Solar panels have become trendy for new construction homes in Texas. And you can find plenty of pop-up ads touting how one company or another can get you solar panels for nothing down and that pay for themselves. Don’t believe the hype. Solar panels are great, but they’re expensive to install and repair. However, there is a cheaper option. 

GAF Timberline Solar Energy Shingles lay over the top of your existing shingles and can be installed with a staple gun. The electrical conduits are exposed, so they don’t quite have the curb appeal of typical residential solar panels. But at a greatly reduced price, can you put up with panels that aren’t quite as sleek as normal ones?   

Coolest Home Gadget

Smart touch faucets have been around for quite a while now, but Kohler Konnect smart faucets take indoor plumbing to a whole new level. These faucets integrate with Amazon Alexa, can give you precise measurements of water distributed, and react to waving gestures. Wave to the right for colder water, and wave to the left for warmer. Move your hand toward the sensor to stop the water flow. Very cool, right? 

But Kohler didn’t stop there. The company’s $6,235 kitchen sink faucet that hangs from the ceiling was the talk of CES 2022. Luxurious? Yes. At all practical? Absolutely not. 

All Star Pick Of Best Energy Gadgets

Letting a nice breeze flow through your home leaves everything smelling fresh … unless you have allergies. If so, the LycheeThings Smart Slydr might not be for you. However, if you do like the outside air circulating through your home, this product can help you do that with greater energy efficiency. The Smart Slydr lets you retrofit your existing sliding windows and doors to open and close to your voice commands! You can even attach a device to your pet’s collar to allow your furrball to open the door. 

Power Your CES 2022 Gadgets 

No matter how many cool CES 2022 gadgets you buy for your home, none can work without electricity. Shop for the best electricity plan for your home at You’ll have all the power you need to run your smart home efficiently.  

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