Rate of the Week: Best Dallas Electricity Rate – 12 Month Rate

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Our shopping entry for this segment will focus on the best Dallas electricity rates Dallas electricity rates for an average family residence. Once we entered the target area involved in our online search, we started to look for a plan that best fit the sort of residential needs that we mentioned above, IE: large apartment to medium size house. We then narrowed down our choices to the best plan available out of the final top three. The best plan for our search criteria ended up being under the Oncor power utility.

The Power Express Jumbo 12 Plan

The best plan Oncor offered us for a 12 month contract was from the electric provider Power Express. It’s called the #Jumbo 12 plan. A funny name, but what caught our eye was not the name, it was the fact that this plan paid a $70 dollar high usage credit back – per billing cycle, which is meant for consumers that regularly use over 1,750 kWh’s (kilowatt-hours) a month. We felt confident that a residential house which would accommodate a family of at least, three or four, would also need at least 2,000 kWh’s a month – This plan spoke to the average Texas family’s needs, both economically and usage-wise.

Lowest Family Residential Rate

At 2,000 kWh’s a month; the rate per kWh comes out to 6.9¢ – this is a great rate for a residential house in Dallas. It was also the absolute lowest rate that we could find for that high amount of kWh usage. Power Express offers two relatively straightforward plans for lower usage consumers at 10.4¢ per kWh. These lower plans cost more per kWh, but they’re at fixed rates that include the Center Point Energy Delivery charge. The company has an overall good customer rating status of 3.2 out of 4 Stars. Other charges and stipulations were right in line with its competitors, such as the standard $150 termination fee for canceling service before a 12-month contract term is completed.

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