Free Nights-Free Electricity in Dallas

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You can get free nights of electricity in Dallas!
Yes, you can get free electricity deals in Dallas!

How can an electricity plan be free?

It’s instinctive to be hesitant when a business offers something for “free,” but with the power to choose from a variety of Free Nights-Free Electricity plans in in ONCOR, Dallas, Texas, consumers really do have access to free electricity during off-peak hours at reasonable rates.

You can choose from the following electric suppliers who will provide you with free electricity during off-peak hours. The only real catch is that these kinds of Free Nights/Free Electricity Plans charge moderately higher rates to encourage electricity usage during off-peak hours. This shifts electricity usage and demand away from when there’s higher, on-peak prices. Here’s a list of free electricity plans for the ONCOR territory in Dallas so you can choose the cheapest plan:

What is the cheapest Free Nights-Free Electricity Plan in Dallas?

Free Power Weekends 12 by Direct Energy offers free electricity from 6pm Friday evening until 12am Monday. The price during peak hours is 8.9¢ per kWh with a 3.697¢ per kWh delivery charge. This yearlong contract comes with a $135 cancelation fee. Free Power Weekends 12 offsets 14.9% of electricity use with renewables as well. Additionally, Direct Energy provides a Free Power Weekend 24 option at 9.6¢ per kWh with a $135 early cancelation fee.

 Reliant Energy’s Truly Free Weekends 12 plan offers free energy from 8pm on Friday until 12am, Monday morning. While the window for free electricity is smaller than the other plans, the rates, overall, are cheaper with 9.0¢ per kWh plus 3.67¢ per kwh delivery charge. Though cheaper, it is not as environmentally friendly as the others, offering only 10% from renewable sources. There is a $150 early cancelation fee as well.

The Power to Choose Free and Cheap Renewable Electricity

Free Nights Solar Days 12 from TXU provides renewable, free electricity at nighttime. This 12-month contract charges users a base fee of $9.95 with electricity rates of 13.4¢ per kWh. And while higher than the others, Free Nights Solar Days 12 offsets electricity usage with 100% renewable content: solar energy offsets electricity spent during the day (from 6am – 8:59pm); wind energy offsets nighttime energy. This provides peace of mind if you’re interested in lowering your environmental impact. TXU also offers a steeply priced, Free Nights Solar Days 18 at 14.4¢ kWh per hour with a $295 cancelation fee.

Visit for more information on these plans and on how to switch to the best Free Nights-Free Electricity Plan in Dallas, Texas.

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