How to Shop Best Texas Electric Rates Strategically

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Industry News

Can You Get The Best Texas Electric Rates?

Shop electric rates strategically in Texas. Find out when to lock in the cheapest rate plans and save.
Don’t just shop rates when your plan ends. Shop Texas electric rates strategically to get the cheapest rates. Learn how now!

The old investing adage of buy low, sell high is a decent way to think about planning your Texas electricity shopping. Of course, you don’t sell your electricity, but you can avoid investing when the price is high. You might ask how this is possible since your home consumes power year round. After all, you can’t just stop using power when prices get high in winter and even higher in summer. Well, you have to shop for the best Texas electric rates strategically. 

Changing Power Plans In Summer

Texas power prices tend to be highest in the summer. So locking in a fixed rate power plan in summer is rarely a good option. If you do, you wind up paying summer prices all year long. Wouldn’t you rather pay fall prices? And over the long term, that’s precisely what you do. 

Last year, my electricity plan expired in July. Not the best time to shop for Texas power! When I received my notice about the plan’s upcoming expiration, I hopped onto At that time, Texas electric rates were much higher than what I had been paying. 

At that point, I saw two main options. First, I could stick with my current provider’s month-to-month rate. Or second, I could shop for a short-term plan to get me to the fall. Retailers know what they’re doing, so this time of year, companies rarely offer plans shorter than one year. If you’re going to shop again soon, they want you to do it next summer. So I stuck with my provider for another two months, paying an exorbitant price on their default variable rate plan. In the fall, I found a new fixed rate plan on Texas Electricity Ratings and let them handle the switch.   

Variable Rate Power

For me, the best bets for power shopping are variable rate plans. Yes, they’re more expensive than fixed rate plans. However, fixed rate plans should come down in price by September or October. These are the shoulder months and usually you can shop cheaper long term plans then.

Yes, you’ll clutch your pearls for a few months in the summer when you open your power bill. But you’ll save more in the long run if you wait until fall. 

Shop Texas Electric Rates Strategically

Invest wisely for your home’s energy. Employ a little strategy now, and it’ll pay off for you over time. Check Texas electricity rates, and plot your next move!  

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