Market Prices: Fixed Plans 4/6

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It’s Tuesday, so that means we’ll be taking a look at the Fixed Rate plans in the marketplace, hopefully to help customers shopping for electricity plans to save money. I’ve been saying this for quite awhile, but if you’re in the market for a new electricity plan, now is a great time to be shopping. Personally, I would suggest that everyone look into long term fixed plans right now, or at the very least, 3 or 6 months plans that will lock in low rates through the heat of the Texas summer. The electric rates right now are as low as they’ve been in years, and might be as low as they ever get in the near future. I’d urge everyone to lock rates now. As a personal note, almost 2 years ago I locked in a 2 year long term plan with reliant, at 14.5 cents per kWh. At the time, it wasn’t that bad of a deal, because it was just before the huge summer rates that burned almost everyone two summers ago. Fast forward two years later, and there are now rates in the market that are long term at 10 cents per kWh, and 12 month rates at 9 cents per kWh. Now is when the getting is good. Anyway, onto the prices.

3 Month Fixed Rate Plans

  • Bounce Energy – 8.4
  • Gexa – 8.5
  • Southwest Power & Light – 8.7
  • 6 Month Fixed Rate Plans

  • Champion Energy – 9.1
  • Bounce Energy – 9.1
  • YEP – 9.2
  • 12 Month Fixed Rate Plans

  • Spark Energy – 9.3
  • Champion Energy – 9.3
  • Mega Energy – 9.4
  • 24 Month Fixed Rate Plans

  • Spark Energy – 10.1
  • Kinetic Energy – 10.2
  • Cirro Energy – 10.3
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