Market Prices: Month to Month Plans 5/17

Posted on Posted in APNA, Dynowatt, Reliant Energy, Southwest Power & Light, StarTex Power, Texpo, YEP-Energy

Welcome back, everyone. I hope a pleasant weekend was had by all. Without any hesitation, lets jump into the electricity rates and comparison for the Month to Month plans we’re seeing in the Texas market today.

Cheapest Month to Month Plans:

  • StarTex Power – 7.9
  • Southwest Power & Light – 7.9
  • Dynowatt – 7.9
  • APNA – 8.0
  • YEP – 8.0
  • And just for comparison, the most expensive variable plans in the market…

    Most Expensive Month to Month plans:

  • Texpo Energy – 12.7
  • Reliant Energy – 12.4
  • And the next most expensive plan is 11.6, so Reliant and Texpo are the big losers this week.

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