Market Prices: Month to Month Plans 5/3

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It’s a busy day here at Texas Electricity Ratings. I’m in the process of updating our rankings based on the performance and activity of the last 3 months of the different electricity providers. However, before I get to publishing that information, I wanted to be sure to get our the monday Shopping Guide for different Month to Month plans in the electricity marketplace. So here’s our look at the different electric rates for month to month plans available to customers. As always, check to make sure if the rates are promotional rates, and if so, what the rates will be a month or two after a customers signs up for service. Particularly, a couple of the plans listed below are definitely promotional rates, so be sure to ask questions or read the fine print when ordering.

Cheapest Month to Month Plans:

  • StarTex Power – 7.9
  • APNA Energy – 7.9
  • Dynowatt – 7.9
  • Southwest Power & Light – 8.0
  • YEP – 8.0
  • Bounce Energy – 8.3
  • And now, as always, here’s a look at the most expensive plans in the market for comparison.

    Most Expensive Month to Month Plans

  • Texpo – 12.7
  • Reliant – 12.4
  • Just Energy – 11.6
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