Market Prices: Month to Month Rates 4/5

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Greetings, everyone. Hopefully everybody had a great Easter weekend, preferably ones that came with a day off from work. Anyway, to start the week as always I’m going to list out the best prices for Month to Month Plans electric rates in the market this week. Make sure that if you’re shopping for these plans, you are checking to make sure that the electricity rates listed are not promotional rates.

Cheapest Month to Month Plans:

  • Dynowatt – 7.8
  • StarTex Power – 7.9
  • Bounce Energy 8.3
  • Amigo Energy – 8.7
  • Simple Power – 8.7
  • And as always, just for fun, lets take a look at the most expensive plans for Texas electricity in the deregulated marketplace.

    Most Expensive Month to Month Plans:

  • Reliant Energy – 13.4
  • Texpo Energy – 12.7
  • Bounce Energy – 12.6
  • Yeesh. Reliant Energy w/ a plan that’s almost 2 cents more expensive than the nearest plan. You’d think because of their size they’d be able to come up with CHEAPER rates, not the most expensive. Bounce Energy has one of the cheapest as well as one of the most expensive, which is curious. But at least Bounce’s plan is for Express Move, which offers a lot of different moving services along with the electricity, so you’re getting extra services for the price. What’s Reliant’s excuse?

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