Money Saving Program for Houston Electricity and Dallas Electricity Customers

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The always informative Energy Choice Matters had an interesting article about a possible program for consumers in the Centerpoint and Oncor footprints to save money. Simple Energy (not to be mistaken with the recently purchased Simple Power), is a company that is trying to offer potential rewards for customers to save energy.

The only catch is that customers have to have provisioned Smart Meters.

Any customer with electricity in Houston or electricity in Dallas and a Facebook account can visit the Simple Energy web platform, enroll in with their Facebook username, and get started.

I don’t have a smart meter, so I didn’t enroll, and as a result, I can’t give you any more information about the application process. However, according to the press release, customers can compete with friends and family members to see who can save the most electricity, making the process a potentially fun and competitive game. The potential rewards for customers include things like iTunes gift cards and iPads. It is a pretty interesting concept to promote green energy behavior.

Also, at least for the time being, it appears this program is truly philanthropic:

Simple Energy told Matters that it is not working with a REP or TDU in offering the program in Texas at this time. Nor is it monetizing the efficiency in any way.

The Texas offering is about product development, and testing and demonstrating the program’s potential, said Yoav Lurie, Founder and CEO of Simple Energy.

It might be something TER readers and fans of our Facebook page might want to check out.

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