My Texas Electricity Ratings Shopping Experience

by | Mar 11, 2023 | Industry News

What Is Shopping TER Like?

Shopping TER for your Texas Electricity Rates is not only easy but it helps you save money. Find out what it was like for this blogger!
Save money the easy way this spring on your Texas electricity rates! Find out what happened to one of our bloggers when he went shopping on TER for a new plan!

As a writer for Texas Electricity Ratings (or TER), I’m comfortable discussing rates, discounts, contract terms, and the energy news of the day. My confidence was put to the test a few weeks ago. And I’m happy to report the knowledge I’ve gained through writing about Texas electric power saved me money when shopping TER. 

This is actually the second time I’ve shopped for a new plan since blogging here. The first go-round, I wanted to get out of the cycle of selecting a plan in the summer when rates are highest. So I rode out a variable rate plan for a few months after my contract expired and then picked an 18-month plan. That plan expired earlier this month. That means I shopped for power when rates are typically lowest in shoulder months. 

I was very happy with my last plan from Reliant Energy. The rate was low, and the pricing had no gimmicks. I didn’t contend with free nights, free weekends, tiered rates, or bill credits. Reliant Energy offered me a few plans for renewal, but the prices were much higher, and the terms weren’t like what I had. I wanted something exactly the same. And I found it using the information from shopping TER. 

My new plan has almost the exact same terms as my old plan, and the rate is just a fraction of a penny higher. Not bad given the inflation over the past two years! Energy Texas is my new provider, and I look forward to low prices for the next three years. At the end of those three years, I’ll go right back to shopping TER to switch power plans

Knowledge From Shopping TER

I only needed a few bits of information to make shopping Texas Electricity Ratings a breeze. I pulled up my Reliant Energy account to see my bills for the past year and my average usage. From there, I used the handy tools on TER to compare plans based on my usage. Finding out how my bill might change was a piece of cake!  

The Best Electric Shopping Experience 

Take it from someone who studies the Texas power market on a regular basis. Shopping TER is the best way to find the right power plan for your home at the best price. Other sites claim to be easy to use, but none of them stack up to So shop here for the best experience.  

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