Best No-Contract Electricity Rates in Dallas

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Variable rate month-to-month plans in Dallas can be convenient and expensive. Learn who’s offering the best prices.
Variable rate month-to-month plans in Dallas can be convenient and expensive, especially with rising energy prices.
If you’re not ready to commit to a fixed plan yet, check out who has the best prices!

What Are the Best No-Contract Rates in Dallas, Texas?

If you like the freedom to switch between energy providers without committing to a long contract, then you may want to consider a month-to-month energy plan. With a month-to-month electricity plan in ONCOR Dallas, you may pay higher rates, but you won’t have to worry about expensive early termination fees, leaving you free to come and go as you please.

If you’re in the market for a month-to-month plan, then your options are Pollution Free E-Plus Preferred Month-to-Month from Green Mountain Energy and the Clear Flex Plan from Reliant Energy.

Pollution Free E-Plus Preferred Month-to-Month from Green Mountain Energy

If you’re one of the many Texans interested the growing green energy market then Pollution Free E-Plus Preferred Month-to-Month from Green Mountain Energy is currently the best month-to-month renewable energy plan in Dallas with an energy charge of 11.319 cents per kWh. However, once you factor in the TDU’s monthly fee of $3.49 as well an additional 3.456 cents per kWh for distribution, the average price for energy comes to 15.1 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of usage.

The big benefit of Pollution Free E-Plus Preferred Month-to-Month is its renewable energy generation. They guarantee that 100 percent of your energy use will be offset with 51% from Texas wind and 49% wind from US facilities outside Texas. It’s a steeper option, but those rates guarantee a smaller environmental impact.

The plan also boasts a variety of payment options such as Average Billing to help avoid any extra fees.

 Clear Flex Plan from Reliant

With an average rate of 11.7 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of usage, Reliant’s Clear Flex Plan has the cheapest electrical rates on the list. This average comes from an energy charge of 7.9 cents per kWh combined with the TDU fees ($3.49 per month and 3.456 cents per kWh). There’s also a base charge of $9.95 but only if you use less than 800 kWh. While this one is cheaper than Green Mountain’s Pollution Free plan, eco-conscious customers should keep in mind that Reliant’s Clear Flex Plan plan only uses 11 percent from renewable generation.

The Clear Flex Plan also gives you access to a variety of payment options along with Balanced Billing that helps provide a predictable bill each month to prevent any extra fees.

Beware: Summer Electricity Rates Are Rising!

While variable rate, month-to-month plans offer lots of conveniences, their prices are tied to wholesale market prices. Because of the rising cost of energy in Texas this summer, some providers could change the plans they offer.

To shield yourself from getting burned by sky-high bills this summer, you’ll want to find a fixed rate plan that lets you lock in the lowest rates soon. And remember that you have the power to choose energy providers in Texas. But before you switch electrical companies make sure you check out for help while shopping for the best electricity provider for your specific needs.

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