Three Most Popular 12 Month Fixed Plans For Houston Electricity

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What are the most popular Houston electricity plans right now?

When it comes to power plans, knowing what is popular with other Houston electricity customers can help you narrow down the retail electricity providers and electricity plans you want to give serious consideration.

Most Texas residential electricity customers use an average of about1,000 kWh of electricity each month. Using that figure as a comparison point, you can evaluate the most popular Houston electricity plans to see which might fit your needs.

Three Texas Power Plans, Different Price Points

Your first instinct is to think the most popular Houston power plans are the cheapest, but that isn’t the case. Yes, the Gexa True Saver Green 12 plan from Gexa Energy and the 12 Month Usage Bill Credit plan from Constellation plans are the cheapest. However, you can find less expensive plans like the also popular Wise Buy 12 from Pennywise Power.

The Gexa True Saver Green 12 plan is the least expensive plan available at 1,000 kWh usage. The average price per kWh is a remarkably low 7.8 cents. However, the price is significantly higher when usuage is less than 500 kWh or above 1750 kWh. The reason is twofold. First, the energy charge is actually 13 cents per kWh. Second, a $100 bill credit kicks in when customers use 700 kWh or more in a billing cycle. For Houston electricity customers who use at least 700 kWh but just little more in a month, this is a great plan to consider.

Coming in second place on price is the 12 Month Usage Bill Credit plan. Its 9.2 cents per kWh is significantly higher than the first plan but still lower than the rest of the competition. This plan has two bill credits for different usage levels. One kicks in at 1,000 kWh and another at 2,000 kWh. This makes it less than optimal for low usage customers but still a viable option for high usage Houstonians.

The Wise Buy 12 plan offers 1,000 kWh users an average price of 10.5 cents. At this usage, the $9.95 monthly usage charge disappears. No matter the usage, the plan’s straightforward electricity pricing formula is one any customer can understand.

Power Your Houston Home

If none of these plans seem right for you, try Texas Electricity Rating’s Plan Picker 3000 tool. You tell it what is important to you in an electricity plan, and it returns a handful of plans suited to your preferences. Shop for Texas electricity to see how much you can save on powering your Houston home.

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