Most Popular 12 Month Electricity Plans In Dallas

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Industry News

Find out which popular electricity plans in Dallas will work the best for you home. Shop these great rates!

Save more keeping cool! Find out which popular electricity plans in Dallas will work the best for you home.

Which Retail Electric Provider Has the Most Popular Plans?

Hyper-hot summer temps means it’s time to flex your power to choose in Dallas. And if you’re like other customers in the market for cheap electricity, you’ll want find out which popular electricity plans will work best for you home. So just chill and we’ll comb through the 5 most popular 12 month electricity plans in Dallas.

Cheapest Bill Credit Electricity Plans in Dallas

Frontier Utilities offers both the most popular and second most popular plans in Dallas. Their most favorite, Best Value 12 has a low energy charge of 10.3 cents per kWh. There’s no base charge to pay each billing cycle. However, as long as your usage stays between 1000 and 1500 kWh then you’ll get a $75 bill credit for that month. Factor in the standard TDU charges, you’ll pay 6.6 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of use.  That gives you an average estimated monthly bill of about $149.00. But remember, that only happens when the bill credit kicks in

Frontier Utilities other most popular plan in Dallas is its Beat the Heat 12 for high usage customers. It too is a bill credit plan for $75 but to qualify for the credit, customers must use more than 1000 kWh. For usage over 1000 kWh per month the  bill credit reduces your rate to 8.9 cents per kWh. However, if your home tends to use 1000 kWh per month or less then avoid this plan! That’s because the price starts out at 11.8 cents per kWh and carries a $7.95 monthly base charge. So without that bill credit your monthly bill could be painful.

Both of  these Frontier Utilities plans carry a $150 early termination fee if you choose to switch providers before it expires.  Please  also note that Frontier Utilities will notify you just before your plan expires about your options. If you do nothing or ignore the notice, Frontier Utilities will automatically renew you to their default variable rate plan.

Get a Cheap Electricity Plan

Gexa Saver Deluxe 12 Rate is another great bill credit option from a popular electricity provider in Dallas. First, there’s no monthly recurring charge. You pay 12.87 cents per kWh along with the standard TDU charges. But, once your usage lands between 1000 and 2000 kWh per month, you’ll receive a $100 bill credit. That drops the average rate for electricity down to 6.7 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of use.

There’s an early termination fee of $150 per month remaining in your contract. You’ll have to pay this if you switch to a new electricity provider before your contract ends. Lastly, when the plan expires, you’ll want to respond to the notices other wise Gexa will automatically move you to their default month-to-month rate.

Most Popular Flat Rate Electricity Plan

Unlike bill credits and tiered rate plans, flat rate plans just have one rate that kicks in a specific usage level. Right now, the most popular flat rate electricity plan in Dallas is the 4Change Energy Easy Saver 12 Rate. If you use at least 1 kWh, you will be charged $85, which is 8.5 cents per 1000 kWh. That sounds good but here’s where it gets tricky. If you use less than 1000 kWh, you’ll pay a little more; as much as 17 cents per kWh for 500 kWh of use. And if you use more than 1000 kWh, the rate goes to 15.5 cents per kWh. Obviously, this is a great plan when your average monthly rate is right around 1000 kWh. But if your usage tends to drift higher, then choose a different plan.

The plan technically does not come with a monthly recurring charge unless you want to say that’s the $85 for the first 1000 kWh of usage. If you decide to switch you’ll pay an early termination charge of just $20 per each month remaining in the contract. And if you don’t respond to the renewal notice when your plan is about to end, 4Change will automatically move you to its default variable rate plan.

Most Popular Plan for New Customers in Dallas

The Gexa Saver 12 plan offers new customers a $95 bill credit when their usage for the month is above or equal to 1000 kWh. With an energy rate of 13.47 cents per kWh, getting that $95 bill credit pulls the rate down to just 7.8 cents per kWh. The estimated average yearly bill comes out to $133, so not bad for Texas. This is another solid plan for customers that tend to have higher than average usage. But, if you use less, steer clear.

There’s also no monthly recurring charge and the early termination fee is a comparable $150. Lastly, as with other Gexa plans, respond to the expiration notices or they will automatically move you to their default month-to-month rate.

Save on the Most Popular Electricity in Dallas!

The deregulated electricity market in Texas can be tricky to navigate. From bill credits, to flat rates to plan fixed rates, your choices can be confusing. Even with the most popular electricity plans in Dallas, if you pick the wrong one, and you could be stuck paying more.

Luckily, we make shopping easy for you. Visit learn more about cheaper electricity rates in Dallas.

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