Rate of the Week: Best Green Electricity Plan in Dallas

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Green Mountain Energy, ONCOR

In this Texas electricity providers comparison, we will determine the best Dallas Green Energy Rates in the metropolitan area. We have narrowed down the top three green plans, they are from 4 Change Energy, Frontier, and the Green Mountain Energy Company. We found that 4 Change Energy had the overall best green plan available, both economically and environmentally. Here is a breakdown of the 4 Change – Echo Saver 12 plan, and also the runners up in our top 3.

#1. – 4 Change Energy – Eco Saver 12

The Eco Saver 12 plan offers average usage rates of 7.3¢ at 2,000 kWh, 7.6¢ at 1,000 kWh, and 10.6¢ at 500 kWh. What makes this plan stand out as the top “Green” plan is the fact that the power supplied is 100% Texas wind energy. This is a 12-month plan. The one downside of this contract is the high price that the consumer may pay if they cancel early; “$20.00 multiplied by the number of months remaining on the term of the Contract.” An upside of this plan besides the low price per kilowatt-hour is that it also offers a $25 dollar credit back for going over 1,000 kWh’s. No base fee is charged as well, making it the best value over both the other electric plans listed below.

#2. – Frontier Energy – Naturally Green 12 +

The Naturally Green 12 + plan offers average usage rates of 8.0¢ at 2,000 kWh, 8.6¢ at 1,000 kWh, and 9.7¢ at 500 kWh. This is a 12-month plan, but the early termination fee is pretty standard at $150, plus it’s able to be waivered if the contract holder can provide proof that a valid move occurred. This plan also has a 100% renewable content. What makes this green plan second place, beside the price, is that an extra $5.95 base fee is also charged monthly, plus, it doesn’t have a credit back policy.


#3. – Green Mountain Energy – Pollution Free E-Plus Preferred

The Pollution Free E-Plus Preferred plan offers average usage rates of 8.9¢ at 2,000 kWh, 9.2¢ at 1,000 kWh, and 9.7¢ at 500 kWh. This is a month-to-month, and monthly no-contract plans tend to be more expensive per kWh. As with the other two plans, this has 100% renewable content. The difference between this plan and our top 4 Change Energy plan, is that this plan imports 41% of its wind energy from out-of-state.

The DFW Metropolitan area provides a multitude of “Green Plan” choices from numerous electricity providers. Sorting through all of them in order to find the cheapest power plan, which also has the least carbon footprint is the hardest part of choosing. But, with all of these providers competing for your business, getting the right Echo plan at the best price possible just takes a little online research first.


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