Research at Rice University says Texas doesn't need coal.

No need for coal here! Learn how better managing Texas renewables can cut carbon emissions and provide cleaner air.

What’s the Future of Green Energy in Texas?

As coal plants continue to shut down around Texas, it looks like green energy’s reach continues to spread. According to a new study out of Rice University, Texas’s vast landscape seems to be ripe for even more reliance on renewable energy generation. What does that mean for the future of renewables and cheap electricity rates in Texas?

How Much Renewable Energy Does Texas Currently Generate?

Despite problems with some wind turbines, wind generation in Texas continues to increase. Currently, Texas is the largest wind producer in the nation, generating 17 percent of its power from wind.

It’s a different case with solar as only 1 percent of its total renewable generation comes from the sun. In Q3 of 2018, it was ranked 14th in the nation, a sharp decrease since 2016 when it was ranked 6th. And yet, even though its production is much smaller than wind, solar is on the rise in Texas.

How Renewables Could Replace Coal

While coal currently holds a quarter of the market in terms of generation, by using a combination of solar and wind, Texans could remove the need for coal plants entirely. The Rice University study discovered that by relying on renewables from certain parts of the state at certain times of the day the state could remove its reliance on coal.

Most wind generation comes from West Texas where winds pick up in the evening and gust throughout the nights. Solar generation increases from the morning through the hot summer afternoons when demand is at the highest. And wind generation from turbines on the Gulf coast could fill in the gaps.

Does Coal Have a Future in Texas?

By effectively using a combination of both wind and solar, Texans could see a future without coal. Storage for electricity is still a problem for renewable generation. However, because each region can generate power at different times of the day, it makes a reliable supply of renewable energy more likely.

In short, as wind and solar production continue to ramp up, coal fired plants could go the way of the dinosaurs. Still, unpredictable weather can disrupt energy generation and that needs to be addressed. One alternative would be to rely on natural gas as a cleaner alternative to coal should the need to meet demands arise.

Will More Renewable Energy Lead to Cheaper Electricity Rates for Texans?

More solar and wind production means more energy overall in the market. Typically when supply is high, costs decrease, making energy more affordable. And if you have a renewable energy plan in Dallas, you could see the prices decrease further as that type of energy becomes more readily available.

Remember that you have the power to choose your energy provider in Texas. And as the market shifts and prices will change. Keep an eye out for low rates in the ONCOR area if you live in Dallas so you can switch to the best plan with the cheapest rates.

How Can I Switch Energy Providers?

At Texas Electricity Ratings, we understand that finding the lowest energy rates isn’t always easy. That’s why we work hard to make it easier for you. With resources like the Plan Picker 3000, you can quickly find the best plan that suits your needs.

Be sure to check out for more information on how to compare, shop, and switch to the best electricity plan for your specific needs.


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