Avoid unexpected expenses. Find out how to save money on your move to Dallas with our great tips!

Whether you’re moving in from across town or from out of state, there’s a LOT of extra expenses. Learn how to save money on your move with these great 13 tips!

How to Save Money During Your Move to Texas

There are a lot of ways to make moving to a big city easier and more affordable. And with the average cost of a local move is around $1,250 and long-distance moves costing $4,890, every dollar you save counts. If you want to save more money when you move, follow these 13 easy steps.

1. Get Rid of Unused Items

Sell or get rid of what you don’t need so you don’t have to pay to move it to your new home.

2. Claim Tax Deductions

Save all your receipts. Moving expenses can be tax-deductible, but you’ll need to see if you qualify.

3. Get Moving Insurance

Rather than pay more out of pocket if your belongings get destroyed in the move, moving insurance will keep you covered. But be careful to choose a policy that fits your circumstances.

4. Consider Long-Term Storage

Consider putting many of your bulky items into long-term storage. That way, you can take more time to decide later if you need them.

5. Move Yourself

It might not always be convenient but you’ll always save money hiring a truck and packing up your belongings by yourself.

6. Use Your Linens to Protect Fragile Items

Rather than pay for expensive packing paper, use socks, shirts, blankets, and towels to keep your glass and fragile items protected.

7. Buy Moving Materials Online

You can find moving blankets to protect your furniture, bulk tape, and boxes on sites like eBay for cheaper than you’ll pay at the moving store.

8. Collect Leftover Newspapers and Ads

Collect junk ads and newspapers before you move so don’t have to pay for wrapping paper to protect your fragile items.

9. Look for Free Boxes

You can find free boxes anywhere: online, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and of course the local grocery store.

10. Look Into Moving Pods for Long Distance Moves

Moving over long distance can eat a lot of money on gas and truck rental fees. Instead, consider using a pod. Just load it and the company moves it to your new home. As a result, the pod provides handy, short term storage at your residence.

11. Haggle with Moving Companies

Before you settle on a moving company, let them know you’re shopping around for cheaper rates, and try to negotiate a lower price.

12. Move at the Right Time

Summer weekends are the busiest times to move. So, avoid the busy moving seasons!  Instead, you can save money just by planning to move in the middle of the week, month, or winter for a better chance to pay lower rates.

13. Avoid the Early Termination Fee

Most retail electricity providers allow customers to avoid the early termination fee IF the customer moves to an area they do not serve. Consequently, be sure to contact your retail energy provider a few weeks before you move to see if you can keep your contract or IF you can cancel.

How to Find the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Dallas

Comparing electricity rates in Dallas doesn’t have to be a headache. You can quickly narrow down handfuls of plans into a select few that’ll give you the cheapest electricity rates for your new Dallas home.

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