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I’m going to do a new feature where I start listing some of the best current offers for electricity in Texas. This is different than just the weekly shopping guides that I post on this blog because it can be anything…a price promotion on a plan, a gift card for new service, or cash back and free electricity type promotions. Promotions sometimes get lost or are hard to see on Texas Electricity Ratings, so starting today I’m going to write up the occasional quick post on some of the good promotions out there.

Today’s promotion is from Bounce Energy. On the front page of their website, they’re showing their 4th of July promotion, which is to offer their Thrifty Saver Introductory plan at a special discounted rate of 7.4 cents per kWh. It’s a great promotion for the first month of a customer interested in buying a variable rate plan. It’s almost a full cent cheaper than any other plan on the market, and it’s available at that price for all 5 of the different regions of Texas. So in actuality, in some areas of Texas, this plan is almost 2 cents cheaper than the next cheapest plan. From a practical perspective, it’s a great deal. And from a cool perspective, the 7.4 cents price is kind of cool in that it matches up with the day and the month of our Independence Day.

The promotion runs for a week starting today and ends on July 6th.

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