Are renewables taking over the Texas electric industry? New generator connections make it very probable.

Are renewables taking over the Texas electric industry?
New generator connections make it very probable.

What is the Future of Texas Energy?

Purchasing green energy is important to many Texas electricity customers but not all. Yet, if current trends continue, green energy may be the only option.

As a proportion of total Texas electricity usage, wind power is expected to overtake coal sometime this year or next. According to the most recent Generator Interconnection Status Report (GIR) from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), 80 GW of potential generation capacity is at various stages of approval. Of that 80 GW, 38 GW is wind power and 30 GW comes from solar power plants but none of the 80 GW capacity comes from coal.

Wind turbines are already a common sight west of the Texas Hill Country. With a few years, solar farms will be, too. About half of the new solar volume will be generated in West Texas. The bulk of this new production is expected to come in 2020 to coincide with the transition from a 30% federal tax credit to a 26% one.

Experts were concerned earlier this year when several coal power plants stopped production just as the Texas summer heat was approaching. Hoever, predictions of skyrocketing prices and rolling blackouts never materialized. Texans survived the summer with only routine seasonal swelling of electricity bills. Clearly, it now seems Texas’s energy future rests with green energy.

Implications for Texas Electricity Customers

If you have never considered a green energy plan, now may be the time. As technology continues to advance, the price gap between traditional energy sources and green energy sources narrows. Companies are continuing to invest heavily in this technology. With continuing research and development, that price gap may close completely. That will give Texas energy customers no reason not to purchase electricity generated from renewable sources.

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