Texas Record Heat Driving Higher Electric Bills

by | Jun 11, 2022 | Industry News

What Can You Do To Beat Texas Record Heat?

With Texas record heat spinning up your air conditioning, read our tips on how to keep it from burning through your wallet.
If summer in Texas means record heat burning up your bank account, then check out these tips to help cut your electric bills.

The hot spring season we have experienced foreshadows Texas record heat for this summer. Little rainfall and fierce winds in April and May indicate the strong possibility of record high temperatures. Even though Texas is a major energy producer, the state’s people consume a lot of power, too. Population growth continues to increase power demand for Texas homes and businesses. 

On a personal level, the heat yields high electricity bills. And every Texan who didn’t just step off the U-Haul from California has a few tricks to beat the Texas record heat. Here are a few ways you can reduce your monthly power bill this summer. 

Use Thin Bed Sheets 

Bundling up is for the winter. Fold and store your heavy blankets, and opt for thin bed sheets and lightweight comforters. You’ll still have the sensation of being tucked into bed. But you won’t sweat through the Texas summer nights. You may still have to kick a foot out from under the sheets to cool yourself, but you won’t have to throw off all the covers.  

Reset The Thermostat on Vacation

When you go away for a weekend or on vacation, reset your thermostat. As my family exits the house, I go around switching off lights and setting the thermostat to 80 degrees. Doing this last summer, I saved about $5 per day. Going to the in-laws for a long weekend? Save $15. Heading out for a week-long vacation? Put $35 back in your pocket. Once we return home, I put the thermostat back to its normal setting, and the house cools down within an hour. Turning on all the ceiling fans keeps us reasonably comfortable during that hour.   

Close The Blinds And Curtains

If your home has nice views, it can be tempting to throw open the shades and let in all that summer light. However, that light will warm your home. Closing the blinds and curtains is a great way to cool your home without AC. My 1970’s home has the original windows, so they don’t do much to keep out the heat. During the warmest parts of the day, my curtains are closed. The difference is easily noticeable several feet away from the windows. 

Beat The Texas Record Heat 

Last fall, my electricity plan expired. My company offered me a new plan at a higher rate. I was skeptical about the price they offered, so I hopped onto https://www.texaselectricityratings.com. I found a cheaper plan and signed up. The process was very easy, and my new company even broke up with my old company for me. Check electricity rates today, so you can find a plan to beat the Texas record heat.  

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