TXU Sees Improvement in Customer Turnover

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TXU Energy, the largest electricity provider in Texas, has been the subject to a lot of speculation in recent months, even years. And little of it has been good for the biggest of the Texas electricity companies. Most notably is the concern that TXU will end up having to declare bankruptcy at some point because of their massive outstanding debt. On top of that, it is well-known that TXU has been consistently losing customers at a substantial rate for more than the past 3 years. However, that trend seems to have reversed itself, recently, at least to some degree. Per Paul Ring at Energy Choice Matters, TXU lost a net 12,000 residential customers from July to October this year. While a net loss of 12,000 customers is still a loss, it is actually quite good news when given the comparison statistics. The loss of 12,000  customers is the lowest for TXU in a quarter since 2009.

Additionally, over the same period of time in 2011, TXU lost a whopping 48,000 customers over the same three-month quarter. That’s literally a 300% improvement over the same period in 2011. And that isn’t the only improvement. From the period of April through June in 2012, TXU lost a net of 25,000 customers. That’s makes the July-October period more than a 100% improvement of net losses from quarter to quarter.

While a net loss of 12,000 customers is still a loss, TXU has to be exceptionally excited about the positive trends they’re seeing both from quarter to quarter, as well as year over year for customer retention. For a company that hasn’t had much good news in the realm of Texas electricity, this news has to have TXU feeling pretty good about their performance in 2012.

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