What Will Drive Your Texas Energy Bills This Winter?

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Industry News

Will Texas Energy Bills Be High This Year?

Your Texas energy bills could be high this winter, too. Find out Find out how to cut those bills with these 9 great tips to reduce your electricity use.
Check out these 9 great tips to lower your Texas energy bills. Weatherizing, insulating, and conserving energy always help reduce your energy usage.

Texans often complain about their summer energy bills. Many consecutive days with 100-degree temperatures cause air conditioners to run nonstop. Though not as brutal, winter Texas energy bills are no picnic. Instead of air conditioners kicking on, furnaces heat and circulate warm air. On top of that, experts predict electricity rates will remain elevated this winter. So don’t expect rates to go down between now and the spring. Unfortunately, that means you can expect higher Texas energy bills.

You can combat high Texas power bills by conserving energy with good habits and some minor home maintenance projects. It’s a lot easier than you think, and you’ll save money on utility bills each month. 

9 Tips for Winter Texas Energy Bills 

Follow these tips to keep the cold weather from driving up your Texas energy bills: 

  1. Insulate hot water pipes. If your water pipes run below your home in a crawl space, make sure those pipes are protected from freezing temperatures. Too many Texans found out the hard way in the 2021 freeze. 
  2. Seal up drafts. Gaps in windows and doors let in cold air. Caulk drafty windows, and add weatherstripping to doorjambs. A small expense and some elbow grease will save you money for years to come. 
  3. Keep your freezer stocked. It is cheaper to cool a full freezer than an empty one. This is your excuse to take a trip to your local Costco or Sam’s Club. 
  4. Lower the temperature on your water heater. Save yourself scalded hands when you wash the dishes. Set your water heater no higher than 120 degrees. Your showers will still be hot enough. 
  5. Wash clothes in cold water. Modern detergents and washing machines work perfectly fine with cold water. Unless you’re battling a grease or oil stain, cold water is best for your laundry. 
  6. Replace air filters. Depending on the type your HVAC system uses, you should change HVAC system filters every 30 to 90 days. Clean filters make your system run more efficiently. 
  7. Run the dishwasher when full. Contrary to what you may believe, dishwashers are more energy efficient than hand washing. But don’t run your dishwasher half full. Make the most of each cycle by filling your dishwasher to its appropriate capacity. 
  8. Swap out incandescent bulbs. The lightbulb aisle at your local big box home improvement store can be overwhelming. Opt for CFL or LED bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. 
  9. Turn off the lights. When you were a kid, did your dad go around the house flicking light switches after people left a room? Now, it’s your turn. 

These tips should keep you busy this holiday season. But, hey, that means the Christmas budget can be bigger! Don’t spend more money than you have to on a Texas power plan

Fight Against Inflation and Higher Bills

If your Texas power plan is about to expire, you need to browse plans on https://www.texaselectricityratings.com. Lock in fall prices for the next year or more when you choose a fixed rate plan. It is the best way to combat inflation and a potential recession when it comes to home utility expenses. 

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