The Best Texas Electricity Providers - 2022

HOUSTON, June 15, 2022 -Texas Electricity Ratings, a ratings-based website that helps customers navigate today's complex electricity market, is proud to announce its "Best Texas Electricity Provider" finalists for 2022. The top four spots were selected based on factors such as reliability, plan and price offerings, customer service and customer reviews across the platform.

The 2022 "Best Texas Electricity Provider" is Champion Energy. Champion Energy is not only a familiar provider for Texas electricity customers, but is frequently within the top rankings at Texas Electricity Ratings. Despite such a chaotic year in Texas, Champion excelled at being a steady, familiar and reliable provider that continued to take care of its customers. Champion offered consistent, easy to understand "what you see is what you get" plans to customers, continued excellence in customer service, as well as high ratings in customer reviews on Texas Electricity Ratings.

Energy Texas was awarded the second Best Texas Electricity Provider. Launched in late 2021, Energy Texas is led by industry veterans, which is apparent. Energy Texas entered the market with unprecedented low rates, a suite of customer rewards, options and features, and white glove level customer service. In a Texas marketplace that has become stagnant with the same well-known, larger providers, Energy Texas successfully offered a fresh new option for customers across a crowded marketplace.

The third Best Texas Electricity Provider is Payless Power, an exclusively Pre-Paid electricity option. This is the first time Payless Power has been named a top provider and it did so thanks to its tremendous customer communication, precision operations and a willingness to quickly and reliably ensure customers' electricity is turned on. Given the extreme volatility in the Texas electricity marketplace, the importance of a pre-paid electricity provider that can turn a customer's electricity on in a hurry cannot be overstated, even with higher than average market electricity rates.

Nabbing the fourth spot is a Texas Electricity Ratings mainstay, Constellation Energy. Constellation Energy, a Fortune 100 company, managed to navigate the market pitfalls consistently and continues to offer customers competitive electricity plans. Additionally, it earned high scores in its customer service, customer communication and community giving efforts.

"The past year has been one of the most unpredictable of our 20 years experience in the industry. While the retail electricity industry is never exactly smooth sailing, 2022 has marked the third straight chaotic year, not just for electricity companies, but also for Texas electricity customers," said Karl Trollinger of Texas Electricity Ratings. "As a result of a war in Europe, inflation at home, and soaring worldwide natural gas prices,Texas electricity ratesare at some of the highest levels we have ever seen, which made selecting this year's winners an even harder task; we believe the results speak for themselves." has been ranking "Best Texas Electricity Providers" since 2009.

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