Texas Electricity Market Is a Success

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At least that is true according to a recent op-ed in the Houston Chronicle. I’ve actually written several versions of this article over the past few years, but it is still nice to see the Houston Chronicle allowing equal space for contrary voices to use logic and facts to illustrate how the Texas deregulated electricity market has been a success. There are lots of articles that are published in the Chronicle by Loren Steffy, arguably the largest name in the state when it comes to reporting on the energy industry. Steffy is a vocal critic of the deregulated electricity market. The Chronicle has also featured several articles with facts and research from Recharge Texas, an aggregation group with a political agenda in reforming the Texas electricity market, and also highly critical of the current deregulated system.

As a result, I was pleasantly surprised to see this article show up in the Chronicle outlining the many ways in which our current Texas electricity system has been a fantastic success. Hopefully the Chronicle will continue to give equal voice to people who can quantify the many ways in which our system has helped consumers save money.

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