A New REP in Texas: Twin Eagle Resource Management

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The Texas electricity market just got a bit more crowded. It looks like a company named Twin Eagle Resource Management has filed the paperwork to sell electricity in Texas. That’s quite a mouthful for a name. Fortunately, to avoid confusion with an existing retail electricity provider (REP) that does business as TriEagle Energy, Twin Eagle will be doing their business as TERM Power or TERM Energy. Which is actually great, because I can assure you that it would probably end up being as confusing as hell to have multiple numerically titled Eagle electricity companies operating in the Texas space.

Anyway, there’s a lot to already juggle in regards to the number of REP’s operating in Texas, and they can easily jumble together. Twin Eagle, however, does seem to have a solid pedigree in regards to their leadership. Here’s a run down of their Executive Leadership Team and a strategic partnership:

Twin Eagle is led by President, CEO and co-founder Griff Jones. Jones previously started Champion Energy Services and co-founded Eagle Energy Partners, and held a variety of positions at Dynegy and its predecessor.

Chuck Watson serves as Chairman of Twin Eagle Resource Management and is also a co-founder. Watson previously co-founded Eagle Energy Partners, and previously established NGC Corp., Dynegy’s predecessor, serving as chairman and CEO until his departure in May of 2002.

Former Champion Energy CEO and co-founder Rob Doty serves as CFO and Executive Vice President of Twin Eagle Resource Management. Doty was previously CFO at Dynegy.

Larry Leverett serves as Executive Vice President, Power for Twin Eagle Resource Management, and will lead power risk management and operations associated with the expansion of the company’s customer-focused power business. Leverett was most recently Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations at Calpine and was previously Senior Vice President, Wholesale Markets at TXU Portfolio Management.

Kim Casey, former Executive Vice President at Fulcrum Power Services, serves as Vice President, Power Origination at Twin Eagle. Casey has also served as a Senior Director at Dynegy.

Chesapeake Operating, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Chesapeake Energy Corporation, is an investor in Twin Eagle, and one of its key strategic suppliers of natural gas.

It’s not clear exactly when they’ll actually be offering new electricity plans to residential and commercial customers, but it’s safe to say they’ll have offers on the market sometime in the next year.

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