Backed By Batteries, Texas Beats Heat

Texas utility scale batteries are helping green energy sources keep your lights on!

Will Utility Scale Texas Batteries Help The Grid?

Utility Scale Texas Batteries have been helping to keep the lights on all summer. Find out some of challenges this technology faces and how it could effect your monthly electricity bills.
Renewable energy in Texas is doing more to keep air conditioners spinning this summer thanks to utility scale batteries. Learn how they could reshape the grid and effect your electric bills.

Even by Texas standards, this summer has been a scorcher. Texas electricity rates are burning through budgets, too. Newscasters can’t seem to get enough of saying how we’re smashing heat records. They almost revel in comparing heat waves from previous years. But with utility scale batteries, Texas can beat the heat. 

Texas Batteries To The Rescue

Storage capacity has long limited the effectiveness of green energy sources. Solar power and wind power are great while they make power. But what about cloudy days at solar farms? And what about still days around wind turbines? Can we store green energy for later use? 

Utility scale batteries are the key to unlocking the power of green energy. And their technology is improving. Texas battery projects have come a long way in just the last few years. Now, engineers and scientists are working on how long these batteries can hold power. Experts see the need for short- and long-term energy storage technologies to support stressed power grids. These variable storage times give grid operators flexibility in handling peak demand periods. They can deploy reserved power when and where they need it.

Energy Storage Challenges

Raw materials availability has been an obstacle to increasing the variety of storage options. Importing and mining certain critical minerals can help overcome this challenge. Absent the minerals, the battery projects stall out. Along with these battery projects, builders will need transmission lines between the green energy plants and those Texas batteries. Those connections make the battery projects worthwhile. They’re the only way to get energy from battery projects in West Texas to other parts of the state.  

However, those battery projects and power lines aren’t cheap. Investors have put in billions of dollars over the last several years. And much more should come as this technology makes green energy more efficient. This should, in turn, drive down renewable energy costs.  

In spite of these challenges, Texas battery storage should reach 1,400 MW by next month. This is an eightfold surge from last year. Talk about progress! Growing battery storage means a more reliable grid. If Texas can keep adding storage, ERCOT may not have to ask people to reduce power during heat waves. So when you flick your light switch on an August day, you can count on the bulb lighting up.

Savings Without Texas Batteries

As one person, you can’t do much about utility scale batteries in Texas. But you can still save money on your home’s power. The first step is to shop for home electric plans at Then, you can beat the Texas heat!  

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