Best 36 Month Dallas Electric Plan

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Lock in low-rates for the long term with the Best 36 Month Dallas plans. Shop, compare, and save with the right plan for your home.
Lock in low-rates for the long term with the best 36-month month plan in Dallas.

Cheapest 36-Month Fixed Rate Plan in Dallas

Colder weather in means more natural gas will be used for heat. That means higher electricity prices because most electric generator plants now burn natural gas for fuel. So the time to shop for a new electricity plan is now! If you’re looking to lock in low-rates for the long term, then you want the cheapest 36-month month plans in Dallas.

Which Energy Provider Offers the Cheapest Long-Electricity Rates in Dallas?

Solarize 36 from Chariot Energy offers a very low energy charge of 5.68 cents per kWh. Once you average in the standard TDU charges, you’ll pay an average rate of 9.9 cents per for 1000 kWh of use. There is no base charge, bill credits, or any other types surprises to worry about. That makes this a great straightforward electricity plan with zero-gimmicks. There is an early termination fee of $15 per month remaining in the contract. But, that can add up quickly if you leave your contract too soon. But as long as you pay your bills on time and stick with the contract through your term, you’ll lock in really low electricity rates for the long-term as an Oncor resident.

Cheapest Electricity Rates from Top Provider

Chariot Energy stands out as a top-rated energy provider in Texas, excelling in customer service, community outreach, complaint resolution, and innovation. That makes them an easy choice if you’re looking for top-notch customer care. The company prides itself on offering 100% renewable Texas electricity plans. And this 36-month, fixed-rate plan relies on 100% Texas solar electricity. So, you won’t have to worry about your carbon footprint when you switch to this green electricity plan.

What Happens at The End of My Contract?

If you don’t switch to a new electricity plan at the end of your contract, you’ll be put on a default monthly plan unless you do choose a new plan or switch providers. Remember that variable rate electricity plans mean your rates will fluctuate monthly. These aren’t the cheapest plans. So, you’ll want to switch or shop for a new electricity plan before your contract expires.

Shop, Compare, and Save on Dallas Electricity Plans

Don’t let your power to choose go to waste. As an Oncor resident, you can shop, compare, and save by switching to a cheaper electricity provider. And to make it easier for you, visit us at Explore our vast range of resources and tools to find the perfect plan for your Texas home.

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