Best Green Electric Plan Rewards in Houston

Renewable energy is great for the environment but how about green electric plan rewards for the customer? Find out which offer Houston customers the most.
Sure, you might not sign up for a green electric plan without a rewards program. But the biggest reward often lies in just how good the plan actually is.

Which Green Electric Plan Rewards Are Worthwhile?

With credit card companies offering cash back, airline miles, and various points, you wouldn’t sign up for one without rewards. Texas electricity companies also offer reward programs, but frankly, they’re not great. Most green electric plan rewards are the same ones included in all of a provider’s other plans; including ones that reward you when you refer a friend to that electricity provider, require you to sign up for a specific plan or to choose from a narrow range of plans, or provide your home with 100% renewable energy. 

The best green electric plan rewards come from shopping for the best electric prices for plans that meets your home’s energy needs. Finding a reasonable pricing structure that matches your normal electricity usage pattern is the best way to reward yourself. Consequently, in today’s retail electricity market, rewards programs should be low on your priority list. So, find the plan that’s right for your home BUT — if a rewards program comes with it, consider that an unexpected bonus.  That said, it’s helpful to understand the kinds of reward programs that providers are offering to attract customers.

Electricity Companies Customer Referral Programs

The most common way retail electricity companies reward you is by paying you to refer a friend. Bear in mind, you’re not paid for the referral unless your friend, family member, or neighbor actually signs up for electricity service. Typical rewards range from $25 to $50 per referral, and sometimes, the person who signs up gets a reward, too. 

These programs are nice little benefits, but you’re not going to make much money from referrals. Most companies cap the amount you can earn per year to several hundred dollars. Plus, do you really want to hit up everyone in your life to use your referral code? It makes you sound like you’re involved in a multilevel marketing scheme. No one wants to be that guy. 

That said, referring a friend is easy when you really like your electricity company and your friend asks why. For example, the Chariot Energy Refer-A-Friend Program happens to come with the cheapest green electric plan available today. The Solarize 36 plan from Chariot Energy has an average monthly bill of $109. Both the referring customer and the new customer receive $50 bill credits 90 days after the new customer begins service. 

Rewards For Specific Plans

Sometimes Houston light companies offer rewards for specific plans or for small groups of plans. These rewards can include one-time bill credits, cash gift cards, and smart thermostats:


If one of these plans works for you independently from the rewards, great! If not, the rewards may only pan out to be a short-term win. 

Reward Yourself With A New Electric Plan 

If you’re ready to find a new plan then shop rates, compare providers and sign up for a new power plan at That way you’ll reward yourself for a good decision by saving money all year long with a lower Houston electricity bill.  


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