Comparing Plans: How the Power to Choose Fails Customers, Pt 2

ou can't compare plans without the right information. Find out how the Power to Choose fail Texas electricity customers.

Can You Compare Plan on Power to Choose?

If you're comparing plans at the Power to Choose site, you're not going to find all those important details that can really help you save money. Find out why Texas Electricity Ratings is the better choice!
You should be able to compare electricity plans head to head with all the information you need. But not at the Power to Choose. Find out why Texas Electricity Ratings is the better choice!

Sometimes the sizzle is better than the steak. And that’s definitely the case when comparing plans on most electricity shopping sites. That’s because right after you enter your zip code on Power to Choose site, the biggest text on the screen reads, “Shop. Compare. Choose.” Well, that’s easier said than done with the details they give you. The information shown for each plan includes the bare minimum, far less than what you see on Texas Electricity Ratings. Of course, their basic information is very nicely organized on their page. However, it doesn’t go deep enough to help you make a good decision for switching electric plans.

The Power to Choose site avoids details that really help customers. In Part 1 of this series, we discussed their murky rating system. So, let’s see where Power to Choose comes up short in comparing plans. 

Comparing Plans: Average Rate By Usage

Electricity shoppers like you want to know how much they’re going to pay each month. Unfortunately, on the Power to Choose, you might as well just guess. That’s because no Texan’s electricity usage stays constant throughout the year. So the bold 1,000 kWh average price at the site tells you very little. So, what if you use 800 kWh? Or maybe you consume 1,200 kWh. Power to Choose leaves you hanging with only a rough guess. But Texas Electricity Ratings doesn’t!

To see how this works go to Choose a plan from teh list and click on the “More Info” button. A pop-up window with give you ample information about the plan and how it can meet your needs. At the top of is window, you’ll notice a table showing the average electricity price for seven usage figures ranging from 500 kWh to 3,000 kWh. This wide range makes the table useful for low, moderate, and high usage customers. 

If the prices are consistent across usages, the plan has a simple pricing structure. As you use more power, your bill goes up in proportion. If the prices vary, then the plan offers incentives for certain usage patterns. When the price is low for your usage, you should continue evaluating the plan. Your best choice should align with your normal usage. 

Comparing Plans: Bill Estimates By Month

Next down the page, the Bill Estimates by Month bar chart breaks down power bills over a year for a given average usage. The table defaults to 1,250 kWh per month which is a moderate usage. But you can set the chart for any usage between 250 kWh and 3,000 kWh in increments of 250 kWh. That’s 12 options! 

This bar chart helps you see how an electricity contract’s terms impact you over time. The data is very helpful for bill credit power plans. You can see which months you’re likely to earn bill credits and which months you won’t. 

Bill Estimate Breakdown

Below the bar chart, a table shows the estimated charges on any month’s bill. Scroll left and right to see different months. If you change the usage for the bar chart above, this Bill Estimate Breakdown changes to match. This feature helps you plan your household budget with amazing precision. 

Power to Choose Where You Shop

Clearly, shopping on Power to Choose isn’t your only option. But with the average residential electricity rate jumping 6.1% this year, you want to make the best choice you can. Shopping for power plans at Texas Electricity Ratings is a superior experience. Here you get the best data to inform your choice of retail power provider. 

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