Shop and compare falling electric prices for your Houston home now. Fall shoulder pricing is here but it won't last long!

Savvy electricity customers know that timing is everything. Fall’s falling electric prices means you snag plans like these with low monthly bills.

Can You Take Advantage Of Falling Electric Prices?

Knowing when to buy something can help you save money. You can get a better deal on a new car in the last few days of the month. Winter coats go on sale in the spring. Fall and spring have the best Texas electricity prices because demand is lower. Energy industry insiders call these periods shoulder months. In shoulder months, Texans aren’t cranking down their air conditioning for the summer heat or firing up their furnaces for the cold winter temperatures. When represented on a line graph over the course of a year, the spring and fall appear like shoulders to the price peaks in winter and summer. In October, falling leaves signal falling electric prices. When you shop Texas electricity plans then, you can set yourself up for year round savings.  

Lower Average Bills This Month

One of the best ways to compare plans is to look at their estimated average monthly bills. Last month’s plan with the lowest rate was the currently unavailable You Got This 18 plan from First Choice Power at 10.0 cents. At $116 per month, this 18-month plan was the best option for most customers with moderate usage. This month, the Easy Saver 12 plan from 4Change Energy beats that rate by a whole cent (9.0 cents) with an average estimated bill of $109. This tiered rate plan charges customers $90 for any usage between 1 and 1,000 kWh. After that, customers pay 16.5 cents for each additional kWh. This plan is best for users who usually consume just a little less than 1,000 kWh per month. The plan comes with an early termination fee of $20 per month remaining in the contract. That means it gets cheaper to switch the longer you stay in the contract.

More Shoulder Month Value

The next best plan this month is the Value Plus 12 plan from Discount Power. This plan offers flat pricing which makes it a good option for customers of all usage patterns. Though the rate is higher at 11.0 cents, the average bill is $113 which still beats the best September price. There is no monthly fee but the early termination fee  of $150 with this lines up with the nominally standard price for fixed rate plans.

Timing the Texas Power Market 

If you’re attempting to time the retail electricity market for the best deal, October is typically one of your best shots. That said, you can never know for sure when falling electric prices will bottom out. The information on can help you make the best decision on your next power plan purchase.  

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