How to Find the Lowest Houston Electricity Rates

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Deregulation of electrical companies has given people across the Lone Star State the power to choose their own Texas electrical rates. However, many consumers don’t realize they have the freedom to pick from the best local rates available. In Houston alone, there are almost 100 different electrical plans in existence from a wide variety of different providers.

Now is a good time to start looking. According to the US Energy Information Administration, electrical rates across the United States are expected to rise in 2018.

EIA average kwh cost per month chart

EIA average kWh cost per month chart

At Texas Electricity Ratings, we want to provide Houston residents and businesses with comprehensive information about local options for energy providers, so they can receive the highest amount of value from each dollar spent on their utility bills. If you’re looking for the lowest Houston electricity rates in your area, then this article is for you.

The Best Houston Electricity Rates Found Using Our Search Tool

Provider Plan: Price (@1,000 kWh per month): Rating Cancellation Fee
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver Supreme 6.4 4.2/5 $150
  • Recommended
  • Receive $75 Credit for 1,000 to 2,000 kWh Usage
Spark Energy Sure Saver 12 5.9 3.2/5 $100
  • Perfect for Smaller Homes and Apartments
  • Receive a $60 Credit for 1,000kWh Usage Rate
Power Express #Quick24 and #Quick12 6.0 3.2/5 $150
  • Exclusive Rates Available for Texas Electricity Ratings Audience!
  • Lock in Your Rate with the 24 Month Plan
  • Receive a $65 Credit for 1,000kWh Usage

Considerations to Make When Comparing Electric Companies in Texas

The power to choose also requires the need to read the fine print. While many energy plans offer low rates, it’s important to thoroughly research the details. Most electric companies in Texas have minimum usage fees and usage credits associated with their plans. In many cases, using less than 1,000 kWh will result in extra charges, and some plans will provide a credit to your account when you exceed this minimum usage and again when you surpass 2,000 kwH. Therefore, to fully grasp a more realistic estimate of Texas electricity rates, you will need to calculate your current or expected average electrical consumption. People who live in a single bedroom apartment, for example, may need to choose a drastically different plan than a large family who lives in a 2,500+ square foot house. If your kWh usage generally falls somewhere between 1,000kw and 2,000kw, then you may want to base your decision on the amount of usage credits offered by each plan as well as the cost per kWh hour. Also, keep in mind the cost of cancellation, as an unusually expensive fee can hinder you from switching to a different plan if your circumstances change.

Are You Ready to Save? Find Your Best Houston Electricity Rates Today
Texas Electricity Ratings is proud to provide powerful tools to help empower Texans in Houston and across our great state make the best choices for their energy needs. Use your zip code to shop for the best rates in your neighborhood.

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