Get the Cheapest Electric Rate in Houston

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Grab the Cheapest Electric Rate in Houston. Learn what you need to pay attention to when you shop energy plans.
Bill credit plans are great…except when your usage doesn’t line up. The lowest rate isn’t always the cheapest electric rate in Houston. Learn what you need to watch for when you shop plans.

Which Plan Has The Cheapest Electric Rate

Most people have had the unsettling experience of signing up for a service only to find out the low rate they were promised isn’t quite what the company delivers. Cell phone plan taxes, cable television surcharges, and food delivery fees can leave a sour taste in your mouth. In retail electricity, the lowest advertised rate doesn’t always mean the best deal. Comparing the cheapest electric rate in Houston for 12-month plans yields some interesting information.  

Low Rate Versus Low Bill 

The Gexa Saver Deluxe 12 plan from Gexa Energy offers the cheapest electric rate in Houston at 8.1 cents per kWh. This bill credit plan gives customers a $100 discount when their usage falls between 1,000 to 2,000 kWh in a billing cycle.  When you consume more than 2,000 or less than 1,000, you miss out on that sweet discount. This plan is best for households with moderate usage that never falls outside the bill credit window. For customers who average 1,000 kWh per month, the average bill is $139. 

However, bill credit plans aren’t the best for all customers. Straight fixed rate plans tend to be better for low and high usage customers. Despite a rate of 12.2 cents, the Value Plus 12 plan from Discount Power boasts an average bill of $122. So how can this be? There are no bill credits to cause huge fluctuations in your monthly bill.  

How Do These Plans Stack Up In The Summer?

Texas electricity bills peak in the summer, so it is important to understand how an electricity plan will handle high consumption. The average Houston home consumes about 1,400 kWh in the summer months. The Gexa Energy plan would cost $151.67 at this usage. The Discount Power plan would run you $168.58. Therefore, the former plan’s bill credit beats the straight fixed rate plan.  

But, turn the calendar to the winter, and you might get a different story. If a home only uses 999 kWh a month, then the Gexa Energy plan would cost $177.13.  Since usage never made it over 1,000 kWh, their $100 bill credit never kicks in. In contrast, the Discount Power plan would cost only $119.78.

So, when taking an entire year of bills in to account, the straight fixed rate plan takes the cake versus the bill credit plan. Yes, you spend a little more in the summer  but you gain better discounts in other seasons.

Plan Expiration

Texas retail electricity companies are required by law to switch customers to a month-to-month plan. So when your Texas electricity plan expires and you do nothing, then you could see significant increases in your monthly bills. Fortunately, companies must notify you well in advance of your plan’s expiration. To continue to get the cheapest electric rate in Houston, you’ll need to shop again.  

No Utility Bill Surprises

It’s one thing to have an unexpected $5 added to your home-delivered chicken chow mein. But utility bills shouldn’t come with mystery charges. So avoid unpleasant surprises in your power bill by shopping on Texas Electricity Ratings. Find the right plan for your home, and  your monthly electric bill will never startle you.

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