Here’s an exceptional article that was recently in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram. And it’s not just a fantastic article because we like the message it’s giving us (prices are low and might get lower) but also because it gives a couple great insights into the natural gas markets and it’s relation to electricity rates and comments on user behavior, as well as some user trends.

Some things of interest in the article for me were as follows:

  • 33 plans are now available with rates under 11 cents
  • Startex Power clocked in with the lowest plan, at under 9 cents
  • Kinetic Energy had the lowest fixed rate plan
  • Natural Gas Prices fell to their lowest point in 7 years
  • Natural Gas Prices are 1/5th what they were last summer at this time
  • Electricity Rates might be as much as 40% lower than last summer
  • And that’s just a few of the items I can rattle off easily. The article also speculates that rates will fall even further in the next few weeks, as well as the fact that the U.S. natural gas reserves might actually end up being filled to capacity in the near future. Interesting.

    Another interesting section talks about how many of the rates are competitive with the electric rates of non-regulated areas that feature co-ops or city owned electric companies, and that customers can save as much as $50 a month simply by doing an electric comparison of the different providers out on the market.

    But even more than that, my favorite part of the article is the last section, where it purports that consumers are getting much more savvy of the electricity market in general and are doing a better job of being aware and comparing and shopping for their providers. They made a great connection to customer behavior after the breakup of the telecommunications industry. Again, fantastic article and once again the biggest take-away theme is the always compare the different electricity companies for the best one that fits your needs, and your wallet.

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