Seven Last Minute Safety Tips for Your LED Holiday Lights

by | Dec 9, 2023 | Industry News

How Do You Stay Safe with LED Holiday Lights?

LED holiday lights may use less energy but they can still dangerous if you're not cafeful. Check out these these last minute safety tips!
Although the holiday spirit is in full swing, it’s easy to forget how dangerous festive lighting can be. We tackled that potentially burning issue with these last minute holiday LED safety tips.

‘Tis the season to dispel the darkness with the twinkling radiance of LED holiday lights! LED lights consume far less energy than incandescent bulbs. Nearly all their power goes to visible light. Incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, use most of their energy on infrared light which people can only feel as heat. So, LEDs are a great choice for yuletide scenes. Plus, they help you save on your electric company bills.

As these adornments grace our homes with festive charm, we must ensure they not only dazzle but also stay safe. While the holiday spirit is in full swing, it’s crucial to address some burning questions to keep your LED lights shining brightly without any mishaps. So, make sure to follow these safety tips. We want your home safe through the new year.

1. Know Which LEDs Can Get Wet

LED Christmas lights are generally safe in wet conditions due to their durable construction. However, always check the manufacturer’s specifications. LED lights for outdoor use can withstand moisture, ensuring your display remains enchanting even in rainy or snowy weather.

2. Follow Directions on Connecting LED Strings

How many LED strings can you connect? It’s vital to heed the manufacturer’s guidelines. Typically, you can safely connect up to a specified number of LED light strings, usually around 30 sets. That way you can avoid overloading a circuit. But if you can divide the LEDs among several outlets, do so just to be even more safe. 

3. Use Timers for Your LED Holiday Display

Embrace the convenience of timers with your LED Christmas lights. Using a timer adds to the magical ambiance by automatically illuminating your display at dusk. And it also helps conserve that oh-so-precious resource: cheap electricity! Set it, forget it, and bask in the festive glow.

4. Will My Holiday LEDs Work with Dimmers?

The short answer: it depends. Dimming can set a serene ambiance to your display, but not all LED lights are compatible with dimmers. While most are now compatible, you should check the light’s packaging. So, ensure you’re using dimmable LED lights and compatible dimmer switches to avoid flickering or damaging the lights.

5. Inspect Your Wires for Damage

A few moments of careful inspection can save you from unexpected electrical issues. All the same, before adorning your home with holiday LED lights, inspect them for any signs of damage, fraying, or exposed wires. Safely untangle and straighten out the strings to prevent potential hazards.

6. Use Outdoor-Rated Extension Cords

Use outdoor-rated extension cords and ensure the sockets are well above ground level to keep out water. Plugging your lights into ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) can safeguard against electrical shocks. That would be a very different buzz than the kind you want from your eggnog. 

7. Keep Away from Flammable Materials 

Even though they put off very little heat, parts of LEDs can still get warm. So, keep your LED lights away from highly flammable materials, such as dry branches or fabrics. Also keep them a safe distance from heat sources like heaters or candles to prevent other fire hazards.

Your LED Holiday Lights Display

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, these last-minute safety tips can preserve the magic of your LED holiday lights while keeping you and your loved ones safe. This way, you can revel in the glow of your holiday display, knowing it’s both dazzling and secure. After all, what better way to celebrate than with a safe home lit up by holiday LED lights!? And as a bonus, your Texas electric plan goes further with these energy saving decorations. 

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