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Treat yourself to shop Free Nights and Weekend Electric Plans in Denison! Find out how you can scare-up electric bill savings this Halloween!
This Halloween, flee the pointy fangs of wallet-devouring electric bills! Find out how you can save when you shop these Free Nights and Weekend Electric Plans!

Best Free Nights and Weekend Energy Plans

Free is about as cheap as you can get. And if you’re looking to avoid being haunted by your electricity bills this Halloween, you need to get the cheapest electric rates in Dension. Ready to shop for free nights and weekend electric plans in Denison? It’s time to come alive with the creatures of the night and treat yourself to the best electric plans out there.

Are Free Electricity Plans Worth It?

There’s a bit of debate around whether or not free electricity plans are worth it. The truth is: it depends. If you can adjust your energy usage to fit your free electricity plan in Denison, then you could save big on your energy bills.

That means waiting until after dark to take care of your errands. That’s fine for Halloween ghosts and ghouls but not everyone. Also, if you can wait until the free periods of electricity to run your big appliances (dishwasher, washer/dryer, and A/C), you could save big.

Cheapest Free Nights in Denison

Free Nights 12 from Pulse Power has an energy charge of 14.7 cents per kWh during the paid period. That’s a lot. But, the free electricity period runs from 8 PM to 5:59 AM daily. With the standard TDU charges and assuming 40% of your usage happens during the free period, your average energy rate comes to 13.3 cents kWh for 1000 kWh of use. So, the average estimated bill is about $133.

There’s also a $125 early termination fee you should consider before switching to a new electric provider. Early termination fees can take a bite out of your savings like a pack of hungry zombies, so make sure you always weigh the cost of switching to a new plan against your potential savings.

Reliant Energy’s Truly Free Nights 12 has an energy charge of 20.63 cents per kWh. The free period for electricity use is from 8 PM to 6 AM every day. With the TDU charges, your average estimated electric rate is 14.7 cents per kWh. That gives you an estimated monthly bill of around $147.

Keep in mind this assumes that 42% of your electricity usage happens at night over a 12-month period. You should also note that this plan has a steeper early termination fee of $150.

And while the rate is higher on this plan, you do get access to unparalleled customer support and service from a top-rated Texas electricity provider.

Cheapest Free Weekends in Denison

Free Weekends 12 from Pulse Power has the same 14.7 cents electricity charge as Free Nights 12. Similarly, the free period on this plan runs from 8 PM on Friday to Monday at 5:59 AM. With the standard TDU charges, the average rate also comes to 13.3 cents per kWh. This plan also calculates your rate at 40% of your usage happening during the free period. That means an average estimated bill of around $133. The early termination fee is also $125.

Reliant Energy’s Truly Free Weekends 12 has an energy charge of 16.99 cents per kWh during the paid period. The free electricity period is from 8 PM on Friday to 12 AM on Monday. 

Assuming 32% of your energy use happens on the weekend, you can expect an average energy rate of 14.7 cents per kWh. That’ll give you an average estimated monthly bill of $147.

This plan also has the same $150 early termination fee and top-notch service from one of the best providers in Texas.

What Happens When Your Electricity Contract Ends?

It’s important to shop for a new electricity provider before your contract ends. If you don’t select a new plan, your provider can put you on their default renewal product.

These are variable rate plans with frighteningly high rates. You’ll want to avoid eye contact with those…just like you would with a vampire…

Shop Free Electric Plans in Denison

As an Oncor customer, you have the power to choose. That means you can pit electricity providers against each other like werewolves and vampires and choose the victor!

Don’t get spooked by your electricity bills. Visit today and get the tools and tips you need to find the cheapest electric plans in Denison!

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