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Texas Electricity Ratings allows Texans to exercise not only their Power To Choose, but their Power to Share. With a proprietary rating system, Texas Electricity Ratings lets the public rate and review current providers while searching for a new one.

Houston, TX (PR Web) June 14th, 2009 Texas Electricity Ratings formally launches into the landscape of Texas Retail Electricity. The website will be a repository of knowledge about the different Texas electric companies and their energy service offerings in the state of Texas.

The individual reasons that customers might select a specific electricity company are different for everyone, and Texas Electricity Ratings aims to give customers a one stop location where they can evaluate the companies based upon what features are most important to them. Whether that may be the lowest electric rates in Texas, the availability of green energy plans, the overall customer experience or different incentive programs, Texas Electricity Ratings seeks to arm consumers with the knowledge they need to make the best informed decisions for themselves.

With regularly updated information of the Texas electric rates available at different providers, as well as any kind of incentive or reward plans and individual customer reviews, Texas Electricity Ratings allows the customers to evaluate which information is valuable to them when making their decision on which provider best fits their needs. The customer reviews are real experiences and stories that Texas customers are willingly sharing with the rest of the marketplace, and Texas Electricity Ratings also takes into account the Public Utilities Commission complaint scoring of each of the individual Texas electric companies. This way, we paint a complete picture that covers the opinions of Joe Customer, an accurate snapshot of regulatory statistics and rankings, as well as incentive programs and pricing. And all of this information is provided free of charge to the consumer. In this market place, Texas Electricity Ratings offers important information directly to the consumer with the hope of increasing their power to choose.


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