Weather and Your Electricity

by | Sep 16, 2009 | Texas Electricity News

Ran across this article/post by the folks at Bounce Energy. It’s a pretty good read, although kind of lengthy. I think everyone should give it a read. It discusses, at length, exactly how the weather affects your electricity bill. But what makes it interesting isn’t so much that it covers the obvious (you use more electricity when it’s hot outside) but the way in which it explains all of the details of WHY things work together. Basically, the article peals back the onion an extra layer as it discusses energy in Texas.

I think this article is a good primer on understanding an aspect of the electric market that functions, but that a lot of people probably don’t put a lot of thought into WHY things work the particular way they work. Also, this is a good article for people to read who have recently moved to Texas and are perhaps shocked exactly why their electricity bills aren’t what they’re used to seeing from some of the northern states or locations on either seaboard. It’s a good overview of what people can expect from their electricity company (and why) when it comes in the mail each month.

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