What is an ERCOT Voluntary Conservation Notice?

by | Jul 8, 2023 | Industry News

What Do You Do With ERCOT Voluntary Conservation Notice?

ERCOT issues a conservation notice when Texas electricity demand gets high on hot summer afternoons. Find out how you can help keep the grid working.
ERCOT issues a voluntary conservation notice when Texas electricity demand gets high. Learn how you can help keep the power flowing to all Texans during this hot summer.

A rolling blackout is the last thing you want in the middle of a Texas summer. The pros at ERCOT want the same thing. And it is their job to warn Texans when a power emergency could happen. In those cases, the regulator issues an ERCOT voluntary conservation notice. 

When a notice comes out, you should limit your power usage. It really is that simple. Doing this helps ERCOT avoid taking more drastic steps to keep the grid working. If a power emergency gets worse, they can start cutting power to customers. And no one wants that to happen! But you can do your part to prevent that. A few simple, temporary changes in your power use help make a huge difference across Texas. 

Energy Conservation Tips 

Once you’re aware of a notice to cut power use, take as many of the following actions as you can: 

  • Adjust your thermostat: Raise it a few degrees during peak hours or when you’re away to save energy.
  • Optimize natural lighting: Open curtains to use natural light. You’ll find many rooms in your home don’t need lamps or overhead lighting during the afternoon.
  • Unplug and power down: Turn off unused electronics, appliances, and chargers when not in use to reduce standby energy use. Charge your phone at night when statewide power usage dips.
  • Be mindful of water: Limit hot water usage during peak hours. Take shorter showers and run full loads of dishes and laundry.
  • Time energy-intensive tasks: Schedule laundry and dishwashing during non-peak hours to balance energy demand.

During a voluntary conservation period, your electric meter should run very slowly. Together, we can help stabilize the state’s power grid and avoid blackouts. And when your power bill comes, it may be a little lower than you expect. 

Reducing your usage when ERCOT issues a Voluntary Conservation Notice can help keep the power flowing to all Texans.
Don’t waste electricity when ERCOT issues a Voluntary Conservation Notice. Saving energy can help keep the lights on for everyone during extremely hot weather!

A Summertime ERCOT Voluntary Conservation Notice 

ERCOT typically issues the most notices during the summer months because of increased demand for electricity. Hot temperatures and the heavy use of air conditioning lead to a surge in energy use. To manage strain on the power grid, ERCOT issues these notices to urge people to reduce power usage. It’s crucial to maintain a reliable power supply for all folks. 

Keep yourself informed by signing up for ERCOT early notifications. You can get email alerts, download their mobile app, and follow them on social media. Pick the news stream that works for you. Then, you can act quickly to save power.

Your Retail Power Provider

Most Texans have the power to choose their light company. Shop for plans from among the top retailers at https://www.texaselectricityratings.com. You’ll be sure to find a power plan that suits your usage pattern no matter how often you limit your consumption.  

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